Aliess Kime

Raydiant Day/Raydiant Day Pathways

I am a transformational coach, here to help people release self-imposed limits, grow to express and contribute their greatness, and join the “dance” of a co-creative, collaborative community. At 18, depressed after seeing the true story of a corrupt Prison Farm in Alabama, I made a vow to help human beings evolve and expand their capacity to love themselves, their lives, and each other. In 1997, at 33, I met the man who would become my husband, Peter Kime, an artist, healer, and alchemist. In 1998, he began “articulating and composing” what is now Raydiant Pathways, a powerful new method for transforming internal barriers into whole new realms of function and being. Raydiant Lightware—the visual technology at the core of every Raydiant Pathway—is comprised of visually interactive constellations of shapes, colors, and symbols. I believe that everyone has something special to give the world.

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