Andy Swindler

Founder & Chief Empathy Officer of FeelReal

Andy Swindler brings hearts together to unify humanity. He envisions a world that embraces healthy tensions to cultivate dignity and agency for every person. Andy’s commitment to shepherding human flourishing now culminates in FeelReal, which he has incubated since receiving this vision in a dream in 2007. Launched as a benefit corporation in 2019, FeelReal provides access to hundreds of intimate guided online gatherings where we can see and hear each other by sharing our true stories to rebuild strong communities based on our common humanity. Andy speaks and writes on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. A deep investigation of his own privilege inspires Andy to hold space for others who have the courage to walk this critical journey. He developed The Metamodel framework to visualize the alignment between more than 100 different conscious leadership, business, and dialogue frameworks.

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