Kimberly Manley

Healing Arts, Artist, Illustrator

Kimberly Manley is developing a process for healing and nurturing through artistic and creative exploration. Kim originally went to college to get a degree in art education and switched to fine arts and illustration. With her experience in the Art Education program and in the Fine Arts program, she has started creating art lessons for creative exploration and self-reflection. Kim wants to help others create space and set aside time for themselves where they can relax and discover more about themselves. Art is a great way to get in touch with creativity and heal in a natural and safe environment. No technical art skills are necessary when you take away the expectations of the results and focus on enjoying the process. Alongside this practice, Kim is working as a freelance illustrator. She helps authors bring their books to life with soft, colorful watercolor illustrations. During her spare time, she continues to practice her own art style and vision.

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