Lisa (Dreaming Ace) Rothman


Freelance Blogger, Poet, Storyteller

Lisa’s mission is to boldly remind others that they are beloved, loved, and belong through creative writing and nonfiction. Through her personal blog, “Adventures Of A Dreaming Ace,” she writes about the intersections of story, fandom, and life and how these can be used to connect with others and with ourselves. In her blog, she covers everything from current events to mental health issues, to the power of fandom communities, to personal explorations of spirituality using a hope-filled lens. She has also written blog content for a wide range of other clients, ranging from spiritual-based thought pieces to fact-based sales pitches for products that help minimize your home’s environmental impact. Lisa also has a growing monthly poetry e-news, which is filled with inspiration and encouragement. “Dreaming Ace” uses her creativity and writing experience to help build connections in an oftentimes isolating and lonely world by reminding us all that “we are not alone.”

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