Lois Thompson

Author, Speaker, Life Coach, Creator of WithinLiving®

Lois has been blessed with enjoying a full life, living it on her terms. Some of her greatest treasures and poignant points of life have been the evolution of deep personal growth, through many highs and what could be considered deepest lows. She cherished those low places and considers them the catalyst for the wisdom and personal revealed truths that have transformed her life, from within. They were the place that brought forth the discovery of truth, recognition of her authentic self, and her infinite power within. From this transformation, WithinLiving® was created. WithinLiving is about living life inside through the infinite power within, as we become Consciously Aware of our God-self. It is the place of miracles – magic! She invites you to come and discover your unique, authentic self, the infinite power, and potential You Are! And, through it find your own personal revealed truth and be transformed from within.

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