Maya Boston


Transformation Guide, Gong Sound Journey Facilitator, Light Language Channel

Best-selling Author

Maya began her own personal journey of transformation twenty years ago. Through the process of self-love, an awakening of an inner knowing revealed lifetimes of soul memory and a passion for her life’s purpose as an Alchemist of Light and Sound. Her mission is focused on opening the heart and mind of humanity through Sound and Light Codes, by using frequencies to change each listener’s brainwave state, which touches the deepest parts of an individual’s Being and assists with overcoming long-held resistances. Her harmonics, Light Code frequencies, and Guidance help to ground her clients in heart-centered consciousness. We are all journeying together, as we walk our path of awakening, we merge our inner and outer worlds to create the world we all wish to live in for the well-being of everyone. Maya offers a 22-day mentoring program of transformation.

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