Royce Morales

Spiritual Teacher| Transformational Journey Guide

Out of a life-long desire to understand the mechanics of life, who we are, and why, Royce Morales spent years seeking answers. Out of this personal quest, she intuitively discovered her own truth and was invited to share it with others. She created Perfect Life Awakening, a series of classes providing powerful tools to shift consciousness and permanently enhance lives. This trailblazing, experiential information helps resolve obstacles programmed during current and previous lives. Stuck issues and patterns resolve; fears dissolve; spiritual awakening occurs. Although spiritually based, her courses are down-to-earth and applicable in day-to-day life. To facilitate deeper work with individuals, Royce utilizes her transformational spiritual clearing technique called Spiritual Cognition Integration. In a meditative state, individuals are able to discover and release the roots of subconscious false beliefs. She is the author of three books about her teachings.

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