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We seek to spark creativity, curiosity, and consciousness through responsible technology and wisdom teachings. We envision an interconnected world that provides equitable education, and creative, and spiritual resources for every individual and community – leaving no one behind. We offer unique learning experiences and products for our evolving consciousness. Our community of global visionaries, educators, leaders, practitioners, and artists guide us toward a truly holistic future – creating a hopeful and expansive planet for generations to come.


We are thankful for all the energy and generosity of our PureEsperanza Board of Directors. We are inspired and motivated by the brilliant talents of these genuine individuals that come to serve and lead the way for the growth and expansion of PureEsperanza in the Metaverse!

Consciousness in the Metaverse with Steven Smith

Ross Swan - Board President

Steve Smith - Board Treasurer

Steven Smith - Board Treasurer

Consciousness in the Metaverse with Steven Smith

Balanka Ghosal - Board Secretary

Consciousness in the Metaverse with Esperanza Smith

Esperanza Smith - Executive Director & Founder

We are thankful for the energy-momentum of PureEsperanza’s Board of Directors! We are ecstatic to have these genuine and brilliantly creative individuals taking up the work of growing PureEsperanza. Thank you for sharing our Mission and Vision with the unified hope of greater consciousness for All.

Consciousness in the Metaverse

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We are now taking PureEsperanza to a whole new space where limits like borders and physical barriers hold no merit. This is a chance to converge future technology with ancient wisdom; the extended reality/virtual world with a holistic center. Expand your consciousness in the new Metaverse community.

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