Our Mission

To spark creativity, curiosity, and consciousness through responsible technology and wisdom teachings.

Our Vision

An interconnected world that provides equitable education, and creative, and spiritual resources for every individual and community – leaving no one behind.

Our Vision

An interconnected world that provides equitable education, and creative, and spiritual resources for every individual and community – leaving no one behind.

Our Story

Esperanza means hope. It’s not surprising that in her early youth, our founder, Esperanza Smith, held a vision of creating a holistic center, rooted in hope, healing, and optimism. Her understanding of life energy and our interconnection to one another has been a guiding light throughout her life.

Esperanza began realizing this vision first as a teacher, in social services and holistic education, and later as a shamanic healer, harnessing her own indigenous lineage and recall.

The goal was simply complex: healing for all – through the mind, body, spirit, and our planet.


PureEsperanza’s online presence is born

With the ease of access in mind, moving online made universal and spiritual teachings only a click away. Our community of thought leaders also began to grow – empowering consciousness and the art of wellbeing.

As our mission grew and became more fortified, we began crafting a leadership team that reflected our values and vision of the future. They are progressives in the worlds of psychology, the arts, philanthropy, and spiritualism.

Discover more about our Board of Directors.


Not-for-Profit status is established

Over the organization’s metamorphosis into an international center, the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to manifesting our physical location. But the need for consciousness expansion and spiritual teachings still remained.

To adapt to these extraordinary times, we began to revise our offerings and provide public resources to our community. This organic approach led us to a new opportunity, something that could bring us together faster than before.


PureEsperanza enters the Metaverse

Our Values

We are now taking PureEsperanza to a whole new space where limits like borders and physical barriers hold no merit. This is a chance to converge future technology with ancient wisdom; the extended reality/virtual world with a holistic center.

We are the creators of our realities.

Whether it’s embracing the gift of daily awareness, or creating art that expresses our truest forms, we manifest Life.

Imagination is Power.

Embrace your innate creative power and find Joy in your everyday lives. Hope and vision are manifested when embracing one’s imagination. Harness yours.

Expanding Consciousness.

We look to ancient wisdom to connect us to the eternal. We look inward to find our uniqueness. We look at the world to find our community.

We are What we Believe.

We speak, and believe, into existence.

Intrinsically Interconnected.

Each of us is connected – from the air we breathe to the collective energy we exchange. By providing accessible learning experiences, we’re forging an equitable future for all.

The Environment Reflects Us.

And Us, the Environment. We believe all are created from within – body, mind, soul, of Spirit. This is reflected in how we perceive the world. And how the world perceives us.

6 Elements of El Hogar

We are building Consciousness

Communities at PureEsperanza through personal and collective growth.

Discover your limitless potential in six key elements of intersectional living.







Social-Global Awareness


We offer unique learning experiences and products for our evolving consciousness. Our community of global visionaries, leaders, and healers guide us towards a truly holistic future – creating a hopeful and expansive planet for generations to come.

Where Your

Heart Finds Home.