We are thankful for the energy-momentum of PureEsperanza’s Board of Directors! We are ecstatic to have these genuine and brilliantly creative individuals taking up the work of growing PureEsperanza. Thank you for sharing our Mission and Vision with the unified hope of greater consciousness for All.

Board President

Ross Swan

Ross Swan is a perceptive, responsive, and highly accessible leadership consultant, coach, and trainer. He is noted for his proactive style, through which he dovetails individual leadership with corporate culture. Ross’s worldwide corporate and consulting experience spans a variety of industries and spans many cultures.

He is a people-focused leader and a strong mentor/motivator. Ross is also a dynamic speaker and podcaster with outstanding skills in communication, presentation, training, and interpersonal relations.

His business, Soul-Inspired-Leadership is about bringing something essential back into leadership – soul. In today’s business, being an authentic and well-balanced leader is a well-intended goal. Ross also believes, that in order to do this, it starts with being able to lead yourself.
Ross holds an M.Sc. in Training and Performance Management from the University of Leicester, UK, and received his Graduate Certificate in Business Education from the Queensland University of Technology he currently mentors students at both universities.
The Pure Esperanza ideology of providing equitable education, and creative, and spiritual resources for every individual is congruent with Ross’s belief that encouraging people to positively leading themselves is key to our global future.

Board Member, Executive Director & Founder

Esperanza Smith

Esperanza Smith is a holistic healer & educator, published author, writer, artist, Executive Director & Founder of PureEsperanza, NFP. She is a certified  Master Practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine.  She has studied & trained with Four Winds Society and Waldorf Education Teacher Training, spanning energy medicine and human development. Esperanza has taught holistic education for 25+ yrs in diverse settings and worked with energy medicine her entire life. Her love for life-long learning has led her to study in traditional and non-traditional educational institutions that include studies in healing, shamanism, metaphysics, quantum physics, spiritual science, mysticism, esotericism, philosophies, psychology, and biodynamics, nutrition, alternative medicines, the arts. Esperanza has served as a director and administrator of educational and nonprofit institutions. Esperanza’s teaching includes Waldorf schools, alternative education programs, adult enrichment programs, natural childbirth classes, social services, and disability programs, parent workshops, tutoring, facilitating, and speaking at national conferences and community events, and private consultation. She is the author and illustrator of Girl Seeking Pearls and other inspired writings. Esperanza is a mother, grandmother, Life partner, and a soul with a commitment to the Consciousness movement, holistic well-being, energy medicine of our future, and serving humanity in this evolutionary time of rapid transformations with a vision to dream a new world into being.

Board Treasurer

Steven Smith

Steven Smith received an Honorable Discharge from the United States Marine Corps after four years of service, remaining in the USMC Ready Reserve for another eight years. After discharge, he started his career by purchasing a small printing business. While attending college, he fostered the business into a multimillion-dollar company. With his strong desire to do the right thing, Steven sold the business after five years to spend more time with his new family. Over the next years, Steven was recognized within the manufacturing industry as a leader, planner, and builder of strong-performing teams. His positions have included leadership roles in Financial Forecasting, Production Forecasting, Strategic Planning, International Production Control, and Logistics for a Global Automotive OEM supplier, Corporate Manager of Integrated Tactical Planning, IBP, directing planning and manufacturing for premium product labels to Fortune 500 beverage, food, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical companies across North America, to his current position serving as President of RR Donnelley in Philadelphia, PA. RR Donnelley is a leading global provider of multichannel solutions for marketing and business communications, with more than 50,000 customers and 43,000 employees across 34 countries. Steven’s strong desire to be mindful, aware, and present has led him on his path. He is a firm believer in empowerment, building the strengths of those around him, and giving back.

Board Member


Dan Mangena is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and public speaker. He is completely self-made having spent decades perfecting his world-class coaching methodology. His books, podcasts, events & retreats continue to help captains-of-industry and private individuals alike live an abundant, joyful, purpose-driven life. He offers many unique and effective free tools via his website.” –The Wall St Journal, “Masters of Success” (2020)

Daniel has created a simple, four-step system called the Beyond Intention Paradigm, authored several books, “Do it With Dan”, has a podcast series, and all have all helped thousands across the globe, in addition to coaching, being an outspoken promoter of entrepreneurial philanthropy, an ambassador for the Mangena Foundation, and working with charities across the globe.

“PureEsperanza felt to me to be a manifestation of a charity wholly aligned with my mission to spearhead an uplift in universal consciousness.” (See full Bio on Community page)

orces, inviting Isaac to become a board member to help with the ongoing projects and growth of PureEsperanza. “The aim is to explore and share ideas to increase our knowledge and self-belief towards achieving the highest version of our own individual consciousness, born from the collective energy that links all of us as beings. Combining Positive Psychology and Quantum Physics, through Quantum Psychology we will be able to re-think time, space, and interpersonal connections the way we do.” (See full Bio on Community page)

Board Member


“The values upheld by PureEsperanza resonate with my belief in the oneness of all humankind in the seeking of peace and love. PureEsperanza’s mission of educating others and growing this positivism is powerful to me. I’m gracefully aligned with it. It is my way of giving to this beautiful movement. My business journey is based on the idea of giving and serving. Helping this good cause gives me a closeness with my inner peace. I’m looking forward to growing with PureEsperanza to help this beautiful organization reach its full potential.”

Balaka Ghosal is trained to do all of the writing styles that help improve online visibility—blogs, emails, newsletter planning, optin, and sales funnel with A&B testing, social media promotions, etc. around marketing needs, fundraising, and event planning. As a copywriter, she can share ideas and help create content for the newsletter, emails, fundraisers, press releases, and promotion organically on social media and monitor the application and progress. (See full Bio on Community page)

Board Member

Elizabeth Terry

A proud Jamaican by birth and parentage, Elizabeth is passionate about healthy living, her spiritual development, “being the change you want to see” and helping to facilitate personal, organizational and societal transformation. She believes in the concept of sustainable development and living in harmony with Mother Earth and all its inhabitants, since at our core, we are all inter-connected.

Against a professional background of training, HRD, ICT4D and project management, she has consistently pursued her own personal transformation through training and certification in areas such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Positive Intelligence©, and other courses. This led her to the work in which she is currently passionately engaged – mindset and personal development training and coaching for individuals, professionals, and leaders. She operates her own company Limitless Transformation Coaching and Training Services Ltd. and offers unique NLP-infused training with a partner company in customer service and consulting. She is currently developing a culturally relevant edutainment game app for youth in Jamaica which puts to use all her ICT4D and coaching skills and experience in order to support them in making better life choices. In this way, she plans to further contribute to building a world that works for everyone.

Board Member

Roman Vaynshtok

Roman Vaynshtok is a former army engineer, educator, and energy medicine practitioner. After almost 30 years as an educator for special needs kids, and an energy practitioner in the USA, Roman Vaynshtok retired and moved to Portugal. His primary focus is to educate people on how to live a happier and healthier life. He writes monthly blog posts on his website and newsletter to his clients and subscribers. In his spare time, Roman volunteers at a local clinic where he offers Reiki sessions. He still occasionally provides healing or mentoring sessions.

“I am happy to join PureEsperanza on its mission to make a global community a better place. Our world is too small to be divided; we are here to love, share, and create.”

Board Member

Crystal Sun

“Crystal Sun is a frequency advocate focused on “Raising Frequency Awareness” as a binaural tones producer, frequency researcher, speaker & podcast host of L.U.Y.F. (Level Up Your Frequency™). With 25 years of experience working as a singer, songwriter, and music producer, coupled with a background in music theory and classical voice, Crystal earned the opportunity to work alongside some of the top music producers from Hollywood to New York City. In 2019 Crystal ditched the Hollywood scene after receiving profound psychic downloads on the importance of sound frequency and how it affects our overall health, quality of life, and the planet.

Once Crystal discovered and experienced that music was much more than just entertainment, she began studying and creating binaural tones for altered states of consciousness and music infused with the ancient practice of vocal toning. Crystal utilizes her past personal experiences working in the music industry with her current knowledge of the importance of sound to help spread the message of the transformational and healing effects sound frequency has on the mind, body & spirit.

In more recent years, Crystal founded ItsCrystalSun LLC. ItsCrystalSun’s mission is to shift the consciousness of the planet by “Raising Frequency Awareness” through knowledge and resources provided by the world’s top sound frequency experts. “Our vision is to create a frequency-driven world that utilizes vibration to fuel the planet, heal dis-ease and elevate humanity.”

In addition to Crystal hosting the Level Up Your Frequency ™ podcast, (a cutting-edge podcast focused on tuning your vibration for better health, wealth, and relationships). Crystal Sun is also the creator and founder of the first-ever “Custom Binaural Tones Healing System”. This system is a targeted approach to help assist with the process of tapping into altered brain states to reprogram the subconscious mind for emotional health & well-being, love & opening up to new experiences, aligning with your passion & achieving your goals, wealth & living the life of your dreams.

Crystal is a member of The Sound Healer’s Association.”

Board Members

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