In honoring Earth Day and the communions of coming to know ourselves more and within all our relationships, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Holistic Educator, PureEsperanza Founder & Executive Director, Esperanza Smith, takes us on a journey this month. Weaving...

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The Tides of Life

Moving with the tide is one thing. Flowing with it is another. Most of us get stuck in the sand as we try to shift our position. Some times we get our footing and other times it can feel like quick sand. It helps to share our insights, realize that we are all...

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Living In the Moment, Being Fully Present

We hear lots of information regarding Being more Present these days and how it can benefit our well-being and enrich our relationships. A concept, research, and its findings can only be of value to us if, we experience the effectiveness of it first-hand. Bringing...

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Unlocking Ancient Wisdom: The Science Behind It

The closing of a year is traditionally is a time for reflection when we hear 'auld lang syne' in words or song. In honor of ringing in the New Year, we share our guest writer, Kübra Özgüvenç's, blog and the meaning of auld lang syne (times long past) with you. Our...

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The Belief of Believe

First published and shared in a few publications years ago, we are re-publishing for you that it may bring your thoughtful consideration of the power of a belief. Whatever beliefs we hold, be they positive or negative, constructive, or destructive, we have the...

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You Are How You Eat

In light of many global festivals and holidays celebrated at this time of year, including here in the US, Thanksgiving Day, November's guest blog writer, part of our Community, and dear friend of PureEsperanza since its inception, Caterina De Falco, shares her...

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Cultivating Mindfulness in Your Family Home

Across our global commuity many families are entering a new school year, another season, and becoming more conscious of mindfulness practices for well-being. This month's blog writer, Luke Smith supports families to enjoy more sustainably, balanced, holistic...

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I Am Free

These are three simple words, " I Am Free" and it really begins with only the first two. This is the hallmark of becoming a creator with Life and all the marvelous collaboration that goes with that. Merely, speaking these words with focus and intention can have...

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