The Tides of Life

Written by: Geoff Woliner

March 1, 2024


Moving with the tide is one thing. Flowing with it is another. Most of us get stuck in the sand as we try to shift our position. Some times we get our footing and other times it can feel like quick sand. It helps to share our insights, realize that we are all figuring it out, it all has merit and value depending on how you choose to perceive and receive it. Our guest blog writer, Geoff Woliner, points us in the direction that its ultimately, our game, our construct, and our design.You may just discover a few smiles and laugh with Geoff’s fresh perspective. Look for him and links to connect with him in the month’s ahead. In the interim, enjoy the journey, “dream big, and have fun!” as Geoff would put it. Laughter is so good for our soul!

Is it Israel or Palestine or Canaan?


Is it Iran or Persia?


Is it Lakota or Ojibwe land?


Is it France or Gaul?


Is it Constantinople or Istanbul?


Depending on the person you ask, and the snapshot of history in which you ask them. One answer isn’t more objectively correct than the other.

Because a life lived in the 14th century is no more or less valid than one lived in the 18th or 21st or 3rd.

There’s a fluidity to everything. And clinging to any snapshot of anything – a nation, a relationship, a belief system…as the way things permanently “ought” to be…is a surefire recipe for misery and disaster.

As we’ve seen. As we’re seeing.

The mighty tide of change will wash these things away. All of them. Without exception. Including those who hold onto them.

To fight the tide is to lose the plot. To dishonor the beauty of the fleeting moment by attempting to turn it into a forever fixture.

It’s a battle that has a 100% loss rate. And yet we still insist on fighting it. Each convinced we’ll be the one to beat the game.

We won’t.

You won’t.

I won’t.

Chuck Norris might.

So enjoy the now. Truly. Fully. Enthusiastically. Ridiculously. Deliriously.

Immerse in the splendor of the fleeting moment.

Feel yourself truly alive in all that you are, as you live it. With no thought to yesterday, and no care for the morrow.

For the tide is always coming.

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