Dr. Susan Gullion

Harmony Network Chiropractic Care on Cape Cod

Dr. Susan Gullion brings pure joy to wake up to the amazing being you are with Network Care. A combination of Network Spinal chiropractic care and SRI or Somatorespiratory Integration, this gentle approach invites you to participate in a more conscious and healthy way with your first community, yourself. Your body, your mind, and your spirit rise together in energy and clarity with more loving attention, motion in new ways, and paying attention to how you breathe. This work is a gentle meditation of sorts that allows you to truly listen, respond and create a life that is congruent with your true Self. Ease, health, peace, wisdom, and experience of the global community around us naturally flow from this alignment within. We begin to see and know that we are not separate from one community. Dr. Susan is a practitioner and guide of this incredible work for 30 years, teaching anyone excited to learn and experience these simple practices to integrate a profound enlivened awareness, be mo

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