Rose Quartz with Garnet – Triskelion Amulet


This ancient triple spiral, triskele symbol, has been associated with a triune effect. In Celtic culture, this symbol was one connected to the motion of energies, the sun, and its radiation. It has been interpreted as Body, Mind, and Soul and as themes such as personal growth, soul development, and expansion. There are many interpretations making this a symbol to learn about which theme resonates with you and how it corresponds with your journey of well-being.

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This incredible combination of heart healing rose quartz and garnet – the crystal of health and commitment not only captures the eye but offers a realm of metaphysical possibilities. Primarily activating the heart chakra, the Rose Quartz w/ Garnet Trillion Triskelion Amulet aids in healing unresolved issues of love and insecurities. It provides comfort to the wearer in times of crisis, soothing and balancing their emotional state. Garnet is a stone of health that stimulates all chakras, extracts negative energies, and transmutes them into vitality. It also aids commitments to purpose, others, and the self and promotes clarity, insights, and greater awareness.

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Product Specs:

Stone Rating: AA
Height: 50mm (1.96 inches)
Width:  40mm (1.57 inches)
Depth:  8mm (0.31 inch)
Total Weight:  28grams (0.98 oz)
Stone Carat Weight: 90 Carats
Chakra: 4th Heart
Chakra Color: Green
Chakra Sense: “I Love”
Chakra Gland: Thymus
Chakra Soul Issues: To give and receive Love without conditions to listen to Love.

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