Valeria Teles


Fit For Joy

The name is Valeria Teles (pen name) aka Valeria Koopman. I am the life force dedicated to, exploring and understanding, anything it perceives as meaningful. I am what life has inspired “me” to become. I have become what the conditioned mind and body had planned. I am a piece of the Universe aware that it is here. Valeria is a writer, blogger, podcaster, and author of the book Fit For Joy, other books, and courses, and conducts private sessions to develop awareness and spiritual awakenings. The Center, a project connected with the Fit for Joy book and philosophy, is a space devoted to physical, emotional, and spiritual health. It espouses fitness, healthy eating, spiritual practices and teachings, mindfulness, creative works, and ideas inspired by love in the quest for well-being. It is a place designed to remind us that JOY is an ever-present choice, regardless of what we’ve been through in life. ~” Love” Is ALL there Is”

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