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Written by: Esperanza

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June 18, 2019


Nowadays, we all have been exposed to hashtags (#). If you use any kind of social media you see them everywhere. They are functional in looking up content or messages with a specific theme. In fact, there are hashtags you can refer to for any day of the week. It’s rather amusing and for your enjoyment some are mentioned for you here. For it is also in the light and the mundane that power exists, and transformation occurs.

Eternal Truths Photo: ESmith

#SundayMorning, by some it’s seen as the “real” start of the week. It may conjure up images of relaxation, a day of worship, a family day, or a day of catch-up. Yet, whatever it brings up, for you, this morning contains open possibilities for creating a new week ahead by the attention given in grounding it.

#MondayMotivation, can be used for Get up! and Go! energy and to counter the hide under your covers and pretend it’s not Monday. It’s all about how you use the energy and desire to move with it. It can pack a powerful punch to boost your day and acclimate you to the day’s potential.

#TuesdayTransformation, suggests change, and even the power to do it! It is something you get to choose and Be right now. It may be a change of attitude, where it all begins from, or shifting a perspective and focusing on a desire for something you want to create.

#WednesdayWisdom offers insights from such vast resources! It comes in many forms expressing pieces of our multi-dimensions at midweek. They in turn, offer insights on a grander scale of the whole that we can each find ways to apply in our daily living. There always seems to be a little of something for everyone on this day.

#ThursdayThoughts brings us to the part of the week that has given us substance to have worked with and also reflections that come with it. It can be used for a recap and/or rewriting parts of what the week has already revealed itself in experiences. These integrated experiences lend more awareness and may even provide the “harvest” of the week.

#FridayFeeling! The oomph, the ahhh, the ah-hah, the thankfulness, the recognition, the blessing, the hooray and the hurrah come with this one! It just may be the culmination of all gathered in the week. It carries tones of excitement, relief, and completion. It can simply, be Joy in work, play, and rest.

#SaturdayVibes hold an energy of something other than the workday routines. Often, it expresses the element of fun, even a sense of being Free! Perhaps, it’s a change-up, a shake-up, a down time, a chance to attend to something just for you. Whatever it is it has a distinct vibe that lets you sink into it.

Everyday Living Photo: ESmith

There you have it, hashtags for the entire week! Of course, these are only a few perspectives. People use them in all kinds of clever and amusing ways. Whether you are using them, have wondered about them, read up to this point and could care less, the point is that every day we can take anything that comes our way and put a spin on it. Why not spin it, to what you want to create for yourself. Why not string together all the possible ways that inspire your week, your day, your hours, your moment to moment. After all isn’t that what Life is… lots of moments strung together?

Here’s to referring to everyday hashtags, in combination with the #artofliving! Find us at #PureEsperanza!

Another Workday of Creating! Photo: ESmith

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