Harnessing Energy

Written by: Esperanza

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June 29, 2021


Republished here from a few years ago and written by our Founder, Esperanza Smith. It’s a testimony to the discoveries we make that anchor our foundation to navigate our destiny. Filled with the Fire Sun-Power in another season that you get to experience now. Safe adventures on your well-being journeying.

We all have felt a surge and drain of or energy. It’s happening all the time. It is influenced and even created by the energy we mingle with. It is present all the time in the choices we make. That could be in our thoughts and feelings, what we see, hear, smell, eat, taste and touch; and what we spend time with, in work and play. We are multidimensional Beings continuously taking in, gathering, absorbing and dispensing Energy!

So much of the time we live unaware of all that is happening with us until the effects reveal themselves in the outer conditions of our lives. It stands to reason that if we are gathering and cultivating an awareness of the way we experience and use Energy that we are then able to create very desirable effects in Life. This application can be considered a harnessing of Energy and it does begin Within.

As we attune ourselves to listening to our own rhythms and utilize feelings as indicators, to assist, not control us, we are able to guide ourselves deeper into our own awareness, Consciousness. This attuning, much like calibrating an instrument, aides us in identifying the Energy we are working with. Once we are familiar with how the Energy feels and the way it works with us then we can experiment and experience the effects in more profound ways. We can even harness the Energy and use it in the way we imagine it most beneficial for us.

This becomes a conscious exchange as Energy flows freely and we tap into it and harness a momentum that we wish to cultivate. Imagine being fueled with a steady flow for what you need to fulfill your desire. Everyone has done it in their lives. It is only a matter of creating consciously or unconsciously. The idea of harnessing the Energy that is here for us to use is an ever-present resource that is available for each of us right now.

Today, as you read this, have heard it before or not, perhaps, more than once, or in many ways, practice it, and learn with it! Feel the momentum of Energy that you can harness. Tap into the feeling of what it is to Be all that you are… a creator in the here and now. You always have been. You always will be. Harness Life Energy, your inherent power!


“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” ~ Rumi

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