INCLUSIVE AFFORMATIONS Their Importance and Uses for Living the GREAT LIFE!

Written by: Esperanza

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January 31, 2020


We had the honor of becoming friends, years ago, and now have the additional privilege of sharing some of Kurt Krueger’s work. Kurt is an international speaker and best selling author, to name only some of his success. He is happy to share with you here what he has presented and refined over the years with hopes that it will assist empowering you to create your Life.

“Years ago, I came across a wonderful teaching through the book called Afformations® by Noah St. John. And yes, it is Afformations not affirmations. There is a vast difference between these two; both in application and results.

I had been using and teaching the power of affirmations for improving people’s lives, since the 1970’s. Schools, companies and people improved using this positive awareness and focus. Yes. It worked. We’ll discuss why and then we’ll get to the development of Afformations and then an even more effective and freeing – Inclusive Afformations.

Here are some affirmations: I am Happy! I am Healthy! I am Confident! I am Relaxed!… Our belief system is built on what we say to ourselves often enough — so make all self-talk positive. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, published in 1937 started the craze of Self-improvement. Then, The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, a worldwide bestseller in its field since 1952! People who brought Affirmation into their daily practice became more successful, and happy in life.

The Premise of Affirmations: We can achieve what we conceive because thought has great kinetic energy. Thought is said to be prior to feeling and action, therefore when we think positively, we can feel positive and act positively. Thoughts will serve us when we consciously use them – rather than us serving our thoughts and conditionings.

The reason that Affirmations work is that you feel better with positive thoughts. Scientists have proven that they increase your natural blood sugar levels when used or offered you through encouragement or soundtracks. I had created a soundtrack that used sound phasing for brain entrainment – bringing the affirmation into the subconscious for athletes in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Your breathing may improve its efficiency, your concentration improves – you feel energized!

Yes. Repeating any or all of these, or another of your choice of affirmations allow you to create a positive attitude. You no longer have to think what some other people (or even you) told yourself all too often.

However, a counter offensive may start in your mind when repeating affirmations: You inwardly respond – no, I’m not really happy, or so healthy, nor confident and relaxed… Your mind knows the truth about the moment – you are either happy or you’re trying to be happy! Take the effort away.

Your mind is either your best friend (when you choose the positive) or your worst enemy (when you choose the negative). So, your life is in your hands. It’s all about what you choose to focus upon – what you want or what you don’t want. You choose each moment. Always choose the uplifting one! Let go of societal conditionings and know that the word is made flesh!

As in simply telling your child/student, “Don’t forget!”, when you really mean, REMEMBER! They use the same number of letters and have a totally different energy response. The “don’t” seldom computes in the other’s head – so that they end up forgetting more often! Start adjusting your thoughts and see a result in you feeling better and better, having better and better results, etc.

What has thinking negative thoughts done for you? Absolutely nothing! Not much good, that’s for sure! Immediately, when a negative thought enters your mind, your bodily energy declines! If you’ve ever closely observed a child when criticized… shoulders slump, eyes and/or head drops downward. You never saw a child in the company of Mr. Rogers do such a thing. People who do muscle testing, also called Behavioral Kinesiology, prove that negative thoughts weaken you.

Using Affirmations or Afformations allow you to program your own personal computer/brain through installing chosen affirmation/afformations for your improvement! Remember, As you sow, so shall you reap! An afformation, according to Noah St.John, is “a positive self-talk tool that helps busy people remove mental blocks, build confidence, and make more money.”

Afformations use the affirmation in a question as if it is happening now. This follows one of the world’s scriptures dictum, “Ask and ye shall receive!” For an in-depth understanding – read, Afformations by Noah St. John.

Rather than using the affirmation, I am happy, an afformation would be, Why am I so happy?

Affirmations                            TO                              Afformations

I am healthy                                                                Why am I so healthy?             

I am confident                                                             Why am I so confident?

I am content                                                                Why am I so content?

I am graceful                                                               Why am I so graceful?

I am relaxed                                                                Why am I so relaxed?

I am enthusiastic                                                         Why am I so enthusiastic?

I am peaceful                                                     Why am I so peaceful?

I am flexible                                                                 Why am I so flexible?

I am coordinated                                                         Why am coordinated?  

I am focused                                                                Why am I so focused?

Start using forceful questions that lead to where you are choosing to go, create the life you want to live! After you have created afformations, you may wish to begin making them firm within yourself by repeating them numerous times before you sleep and upon awakening. You may also wish to write them all over a three-by-five card and read them over at various points in the day. When you make each handwritten/printed afformation down in a unique manner, it will imprint stronger into your brain! Make them sensual, the more senses you use the better.

So, now imagine a practice that enhances the effectiveness of Afformations for more people. That my friends is, Inclusive Afformations.

Life is not separate from ‘others’. What affects us will also affect those around us. You may have heard, “Happy wife, happy life – for the husband!” Or “a smile is catching. Or “Don’t be the weak link in the chain.”

Everything is energy according to physics. Everything is God (Omnipresence), according to various religions. So, when we use an Inclusive pronoun rather than an exclusive pronoun, we affirm this, and thus we support the Martix of all life. And yes, we includes me, our includes me, etc. The hippies used to say, “You have good vibes, man!” Yes, your vibrations do radiate, they can take images using Kirlian Photography of your energy field. Some people’s radiate across a room, the Dali Lama, LaBron James, Steve Jobs… Yours will radiate more and more as you use Inclusive Afformations.

As a founding director of the Institute of Sports Psychology since 1982, and having Keynoted the World Congress on Sports Psychology, I’ll quote a common acronym, TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More OR Together Everyone Accomplishes Miracles. It’s the value of each cog or spoke of a wheel – each one is important! When one player on a team improves the others are stimulated to raise their game! When it’s about we, as in “when two or more are gathered” with a focus (as an affirmation/afformation/prayer…)

Inclusive Afformations brings the power of afformations into the world and ourself. Rather than simply saying or thinking a singular pronoun, I or me, for “Why, am I so happy?,” We use the plural pronouns like, “Why are we so happy.” Why do we get to create a new paradigm for living? Inclusive Afformations are creating a new paradigm for affirmations and afformations!

To receive the most results, in a faster manner, in using Inclusive Afformations (IA) try any or all of these applications:

1. Write the IA down numerous times daily in different script, or using different colors/instruments.

2. Visualize/Imagine the IA just prior to sleeping or prior to a special event. a.When doing it before sleeping it prompts the mind for gestating the IA while sleeping. (See Pythagoras’ Practice described in the book, Winning Ways for Living, for more on this. This is an extremely powerful practice. Pythagoras was a great philosopher as well as mathematician.) Prior to a special event, prompting one to relax and focus on the ultimate result. b.See it in full color (if you can). c. Hear the results of the IA, people excitedly talking or you talking… or the music created, etc.

3. Experience within your body what it actually feels like to experience the IA.

4. Share your IA with a friend and ask them to support your efforts that could easily help them also! They could begin the process themselves with the same or a particular IA for themselves.

Inclusive Afformations also reach out to others sharing the blessing with intention – such a force to be reckoned with! “And the word was made flesh!” says one of the world scriptures. ”

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