A Basic Need: Inspiration

Written by: Esperanza

PureEsperanza, NFP is dedicated to bringing forth more Consciousness while educating our body, mind and soul in the art of well-being.

January 24, 2020


Take a moment, close your eyes, and in the next breath remember a moment that you felt deeply inspired. That impression lingering, so potent that its feeling, the experience, still carries a charge in your emotional body. Perhaps, in your physical body and mental body as well. Most certainly, it lives in your soul body where inspiration is collected and waits.

What does it wait for? Like all your bodies it, too, waits to be developed. Just as your physical body has basic needs of water, air, food, sleep, etc. and wants to be exercised for its optimal function. Just as your mind “tugs” at you for its basic needs to be stimulated, interested, engaged, learning something, and, also, wants to be exercised for its optimal function. Your soul has basic needs and wants to be exercised for its optimal function. Inspiration is the basic need of the soul. It is the need that feeds the creative fire to develop and express itself through form.

From out of the ethers, of spirit, it takes hold on this plane of existence and emerges for our soul’s basic need. It seemingly meanders through our waking and sleeping, “off-guard” moments, the pockets “in between”, the dream spaces tapped into the void, the pause, and our breath. “Remember…”, It beckons. Suddenly, it emerges as inspiration.

It must have been what some have called messages from the gods, granted unto us to fulfill our soul’s basic needs. With our eyes open, aware, and alive, we are haunted by inspiration at every turn! Let it feed your hunger, quench your thirst, make you feel in every dimension of your Being. Let it shine the Light of Hope for every bit of transformation we are developing in ourselves, in all the world, in all of humanity, in all forms of Life expression.

The moment you are in now contains it. Pause, and with your multi-senses perceive inspiration. It lives in the sound and a song, the leaps and dance, the laughter and play, the work and the challenge, the tear, the joy and the despair, while at the corner, in the market, captivated by the movie, compelled by reading the words, the speaking of a truth, the touch and the caress, the revolution and evolution, the bud and flower, the heavens above the rolling waves, skipping stones, scaling mountains, lost in the forest, the jungle, the deafening roar of the mighty, the ripping angst, the fiery gems hidden in the earth, the technicolor mural, the call of the geese at the turn of season, the seed buried 1″inch deep, the infinite snowflake patterns falling upon us, the emerald foliage, the golden grain, the shooting stars and meteor showers zooming by, in every bit of Life form, “the good, the bad, and the ugly”. Know this basic need and know its power.

Fulfill this basic need and it is a power that will spill over. It will encourage you. It will lift you. It will support you. It will even carry you upon its wings of wonder. Then as you let it live and breathe in you, you will discover that you have become that ray in that Light of Hope and that this basic need has become more than a tool of survival, but a way of living in the art of living.

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