Annie Jameson

Country: New Zealand
Province: Waikato

Musician, Crystal Bowl Artist and Intuitive Sound Healer

Annie Jameson is a New Zealand musician, whose passion and joy is to create music for deep relaxation, meditation, healing and well-being. In 1991 Annie had a life-changing experience connecting to her guardian angel, and since then has fully immersed herself on her spiritual path.

Annie’s mission is to spread peace and healing around the world. She plays Alchemy™ crystal singing bowls, a crystal lyre and other high vibrational instruments and has been creating and recording music for over 12 years. Her music is listened to worldwide with over 10 million all-time streams to date, and is also on Air NZ.

She is also passionate about helping adolescents to manage their mental health and is collaborating with the Psychology Department at Waikato University on a clinical trial in high schools in 2024.

Annie has also published two books. ‘The Light of Chilao – Messages from Heaven’ and a ‘Small Book of Universal Wisdom’

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