Heidi Lammiman

Country: Ireland
Province: County Clare

Health & Wellness Consultant

Heidi believes there needs to be an awareness revolution, there is too much emphasis on prescription drugs to solve many problems, only addressing symptoms, and never getting to the root cause. The courses of these drugs can end up with us going from acute pain to chronic pain. Today’s food is mass-produced at a shocking rate of growth, so doesn’t contain the vital nutrients it once did, having worked with a Seedsaver organisation for over a decade, she realized our food is not secure. We have no idea where most of our food comes from or how it’s grown; even in the organic world. We need a proactive approach to healthcare and lifestyle consciousness.

Nature’s original medicines, 100% pure essential oils are the plant’s resources to protect themselves. There is no risk of addiction, no overdoses & no long-term detrimental effects; side benefits, not side effects She’s on a mission to learn of the quantum world & educate about holistic balance, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

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