Geoff Woliner

Country: United States
State: Virginia


Geoff Woliner is here to help you come home to your divine, childlike spark—the spark that once saw life as a big, fun, magnificent game to be played, experienced, and enjoyed thoroughly before the density and heaviness of this game convinced us that “real life” was a thing to be taken seriously.

A longtime comedian, Geoff is a satirist who finds the lighter side of life, spirituality, and day-to-day irreverence through his publication, The Daily Stuffing, with headlines such as “Ram Dass: We’re all just walking each other to Home Depot.”

After a profound near-death experience and spiritual awakening, Geoff authored “The Path to Perfectia” book series to help others transmute their own journeys of grief and loss into hope and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

And he created a new sport, “Tonger”, which helps people remember their birthright as playful creators; a game where *everyone* creates a universe within a universe with a simple set of kitchen tongs.

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