Scrutiny Before The Sword

Written by: Isabelle Blum

March 1, 2022


It is our our great pleasure and with much esteem that we share with you this month our featured guest writer, Isabelle Blum. also having been featured on on our Community page. Isabelle provides us with a unique and distinct look into the wonders of ourself and the way in which we relate with our world. From Zurich, Switzerland and podcast host of Plumed Serpent, Isabelle shares practical ways to transform yourself through nature connection. Her gifts include nature art, and writings: blogs, articles and books, environmental consulting for biodiversity in urban and rural areas, and Taoist Yoga Training. We are privileged to bring you a taste of her keen insights here.

Do you apply scrutiny before using your sword?

There are many conflicts within and without. And an awareness regarding a conflict can bring a strong desire to defend, protect, attack, and destroy. However, one must be aware of the hidden layers and be careful against schemes. Using your ability of observation and distinction is key.

A sword can be a weapon to kill but it can also be an instrument of healing. You can use it like a scalpel in the hands of a skilled surgeon instead of a tool that wounds people. In order to do this, you must know what to cut and what not to cut. What needs to be cut is the dead, the rotten, the foul, not the patient.

Do not rush to use the sword, but do not always keep it in the sheath either. Use the sword like a mirror to reflect what is. Sometimes just showing it will result with others bowing down in respect. This way, you will reflect all bad intentions back to its source and you will be protected.

Using your energy in this way, you become aware that you are yourself the healing mirror.

Buddha said, “There is two kind of people, one going from light to dark, and another going from dark to light.” Sometimes we change from one direction to the other. And sometimes the paths are not clearly separated. As wonderfully shown in the science fiction movie “Cloud Atlas”, where being good or evil are interwoven into each other.

We are all having our own unique stories. Remembering this will bring a feeling of lightness into your heart. And your sword will become a healing instrument.

It actually requires an awakening the spiritual truth, that we are all connected with quantum possibilities, genetical connections and familial ties as the whole of mankind. So when you hurt a person, you are actually hurting yourself.


Photo art by Isabelle Blum on DeviantArt website as kat-tree

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