Beauty Is Skin Deep

Written by: Esperanza

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October 28, 2021


Jumping right into this month with useful health tips and a homemade project that will nourish your well-being. Esperanza Smith, our Founder & Executive Director, holistic healer and educator, writer and speaker shares the why and how of caring for the largest organ of your body. Know what it is? 

We all have heard of the phrase, “Beauty is only skin deep”. We are putting a spin on it and giving you a holistic perspective that does imply that Beauty IS skin deep, very Deep!

As the weather gets chillier for many and draws us more indoors, you may notice shifts in your body, mind, and soul. You may also have your attention drawn to some homemade projects that you put off over the warmer months and can focus on now. If autumn has set in with winter approaching, as you experience weather changes, temperatures dropping along with the heater, a fireplace, or woodstove you’re now using, you may also notice changes in your skin.

Take a look at just how important of a role skin plays in your overall well-being. Skin is the largest organism of your body. I’ll repeat, skin the largest organism (yes, organism) in your body. Most likely you know or have heard some of your skin’s important roles and their functions, but do you know all of these? Whether you are ready to dive into physiology or just want to skim-over out of curiosity, the links below can guide you to more understanding and appreciation of your skin.

After, reviewing this list it makes more sense as to the “why” of using all natural & organic salves that nourish and heal your skin are important. They are easy to make, cost effective, and a little goes a long way!

A simple quick recipe I make consists of beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, & essential lavender oil blend. Plus, aloe gel from a giant house plant. I combine all the ingredients in a small pot, heat and blend until it is a cream like texture and pour into small Ball jars.There are tons of recipes online & all these ingredients can be easily purchased from a variety of stores as well as online sources. By far this has been the best dry skin & under-eye salve used in our home aside that it is nourishing the largest organ of our body, daily!

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