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November 9, 2018


Holy Communion Photo: ESmith

We all have had Communion in moments of Life. It may be described as to Commune, become One with the fullness of Presence. These are moments sprinkled here, there, everywhere, if we, but take notice.

Some do it in a place of worship. Some do it nature. Some do it among the crowds. Some do it at a mealtime, waking, or going to sleep. Some do it in the arms of a loved one. Some do it when they know not which way to turn. It matters not in which place or time. It’s the moment, we give to and allow for it to Be; and it is in this Holy Communion that we are called to Live, to Grow, to Learn, to Heal, to Forgive, to Transform, and to Love, In All Its Fullness… Presence, I Am. 

In the art of living we balance the weave of the physical and spiritual planes, blended with emotions, intellect, intuitive perceptions, all varying in degrees. Communion can become the balance between worlds, dimensions, and our immersion into a wholeness that allows for greater illumined guidance.

Into the Light Photo: Steven Smith

As we attune ourselves to the subtleties of our daily lives and experiences, we can offer a gesture of goodwill and kindness to ourselves by taking time for Communion. In this time, in humanity’s history and evolution, the pace is highly accelerated. The outer world, the inner world, and our parts in them are all moving forward in what can feel like a Whoosh! It may seem that each create a life of their own when indeed they are Life and we are It. There is no way around, no way out, but through it and through it becomes yet, a Communion.

Council Overhang Photo: ESmith

“Know Thyself” speaks to us again and again. Know when and how to pause. Take out your “special bag of tricks”. Yes, you are not only the magician, but magic itself! Oh yes, do call our assistants, your ancestral lineage, heritage, the elders, your guides, the saints, the souls, the angels, the Ascended Ones, Spirit, Presence. In this time, we are living, they have crossed our paths with the awakening that is occurring everywhere and is happening to us all. Call up the ways in which you will express and serve in your own unique Life. It is needed. You are needed. The earth needs us. We need Us.


The Zen of Rocks Photo: ESmith

It seems that now, perhaps, more than ever, it is of vital importance to our health and well-being to engage with as many ways in which we intentionally enter the depths of knowing ourselves and the fullness of Presence. The ways are infinite, inclusive, dynamic, and customized for each of us! Explore, discover, play with, experience the “magic”, and just how magnanimous of a Universal gesture this is towards humanity and the unfoldment in understanding our wholeness as we circle around to our Communion.

Breaking bread with you, dancing with you, weeping with you, healing with you, laughing with you, learning with you, listening with you, creating with you, transforming with you, loving with you, shining with you, imagining, at this moment, sharing Communion with you, as you go about your day, sleep tonight, and breathe Life into Being… into the fullness of this moment… Presence.

Imagining Photo: Steven Smith

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