Contrasts and Forecasts

Written by: Esperanza

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February 1, 2019


If you live anywhere in the Midwest, you surely heard this in the last few days of January 2019! Outside, record breaking, brutal cold temps, miserable conditions! And then, you have experienced the contrast.

Inside, blossoming mild temps, pleasant conditions. Now, it can work the other way around, too, and that can feel quite shocking! It’s typically not fun to be enjoying any experience and then be subjected to its polar-opposite. That is true of both weather and our state of mind.

And then, just how often have you given away power of your day over to the weather forecaster? How often has that weather forecaster been totally off? Well, here is some Good news!! We can learn how to understand all the “weather patterns” of our thoughts & feelings, in such a way that we can predict our forecast 100% of the time! Yes, I did just dare say that you can have full control of your day.

I Am Serenity Photo: ESmith

Impossible, you say? I thought that once, too. I thought there were too many variables, a family, kids, husband, work situations, all kinds of boomerangs that Life would happen to toss my way, at any time. I thought I could, perhaps, be ready, be prepared, be agile, be flexible enough, and gracefully maneuver around them. That took an incredible amount of energy! It was exhausting. It also led to feelings of disappointment within me because it never seemed to be enough.

Truth of that was that I was trying to control all those variables outside of myself because I was busy practicing my preventative ninja skills on all kinds of predictions that were outside of me, but made by me, out of fears, worry, guilt, etc. The only prediction I can claim control over is that of my own state of Being and my own forecast. Turns out that I am the weather, the forecast, and the forecaster all in one, for me, my day… my Life. Can you imagine the relief? The freedom? The Joy?! That was the total game changer.

There was so much Energy and empowerment in that epiphany! Now, I make light of it in this weather analogy, but it was no joke at the time. The discovery, releasing, practice, application, and letting go some more while, at the same time, giving in, surrendering, into my Presence has been gradual along with having a desire to face the storms. The paradoxes are great and there are no set time tables. It is Life unfolding with every moment. Each of our stories, our return to this Wisdom, and Its underlying implications, Principles of Life, and what it means to be a creator of our Life is the journey. While it may be traveled with many along the way, it is ultimately traveled alone. Each of us finds our way. It makes absolute sense to have some excellent navigation tools handy for our wayfinding.

However, more than the practical navigation tools, it is the soul satisfaction to sit in serenity’s “hum” of Being, fully present. In the center of Presence, we can look upon our journey, understand the nature of its accompanying weather with total equanimity, and order up our most favorable outlook.

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