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February 23, 2019


Worlds Within Worlds Photo: ESmith

Fabrications are present everywhere we turn. The word fabricate has two meanings. One is an invention and the other is a lie. Both are created in our minds. The human mind was endowed with this capacity and its ability to create. From it and our fabrications, the invention and the lie, humanity has evolved.

On the path of expanding Consciousness and this Life we are creating, we will encounter many fabrications. They will show up in many forms and make us question their legitimacy. They will appear on the outer and the inner. They will rock our foundation, shake our beliefs, and indeed make us question what the truth is.

How will you know what to believe? The mind will want to rationalize, intellectualize, logically explain, and prove anything unknown until it is justifiably satisfied. The mind will fabricate thoughts that can serve in creating conditions that feel favorable or not.

In this period of human history and our modern times, negatively charged thoughts of pessimism, cynicism, sarcasm and a general disconnect from our Source run rampant. It becomes a matter of close introspection of ourselves, the relationship we form with Source, and then choose to connect with that gives us understanding of our own fabrications. It is by these applications that we can link the outside conditions appearing as fabrications with that which we nurture in our very own minds.

Uncovering our own secret lies that we have told ourselves, remembering all our inventions that we manifested of our thoughts, and all the ways that they have served us, honors the path we have walked. With a bit of humor and extra doses of Love for ourselves we can accept, embrace, and further expand our path of Consciousness. Furthermore, we can shift our consciousness and fabricate with intention, purpose, and truth.

For you see, we the creators, will fabricate and the outer will directly inform us by reflecting our states of mind, consciousness. A quick inventory of what is around us provides us with ample information. The experience and how we perceive it will further connect us to what we have fabricated of our minds. We can then apply our awareness of the fabrications to invent and align with our Joy. By matching our thought with the feeling of Joy, our truth reveals itself.

In this way, we can grasp all our fabrications, without regrets, remorse, sadness, and total forgiveness of ourselves for all we manifested in the experiences we have lived. Every single one of them have immensely served us. They have each informed us, prompted us, nudged us, and diligently kept us to the purpose of connecting us to Source, the expansion of ourselves, and Consciousness. Our fabrications have and always will evolve us and humanity. It is our endowment and investment in creating Life.

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