Feeling Good!

Written by: Esperanza

PureEsperanza, NFP is dedicated to bringing forth more Consciousness while educating our body, mind and soul in the art of well-being.

December 28, 2022


Feeling Good! Notice the exclamation point. Sit with that for a few moments. Repeat it three times to yourself. Every time you repeat it notice the thoughts and feelings that come up for you. What are they? Can you identify them?

Now, if you can easily imagine, “Feeling Good!” you are already vibrating in a frequency of a positively charged Energy. You have that working in your favor along with a momentum that automatically tunes into that same frequency as well as naturally attracts more of it. More and more we hear of the “Law of Attraction” and Energy. Whether we believe it exists or not is irrelevant to the fact that Energy, simply, Is.

Now, depending on your belief is how you can work with it. Although an understanding of Energy has been in existence for many centuries within circles of metaphysics, spiritualists, healers, to name only a few, our modern science and research is now “proving” what was once only theory. Modern day psychology and positive neuroscience references our mental, emotional, and physical health with positivity and how it functions in the brain.

While that may be the proof that one needs or adds more to a long list of “yada-yada’s”, like anything in Life, we don’t know until we experience it. We are our own authority when it comes to the experience we have. So, having said that, there is nothing to lose by experimenting.

So back, to the initial statement of “Feeling Good!” and what came up for you, if those words were not resonating true or if the perceived spaces in yourself didn’t feel good, then what? Here is an opportunity for experimentation. Think of something that has felt, really, good in your life, a positive experience. It can be of something you have done, like to do, but even more powerful when it is the pure sensation of a natural state where you experienced yourself Feeling Good!

An example most can relate to is a time when we have been surprised with our genuine laughter. You know that belly roar! It jumped out of us rather unexpectedly. We can think back to that moment and still feel the rise in our Energy. In this moment, it still exists, and it still feels Good! Stay with the feeling of it and let it move into your entire body, including saturating your mind, your thoughts with it, and your awareness of well-being. Feel the way it lifts you.

Now, the practice put to work is taking what you directly felt from that experiment of experiencing feeling Good with its Energy of lifting you and shifting when you have moments of negative charges that cause a sensation of disturbance in you. Mind you, the negative charges are not “bad”, nor should “good” be judged as a label for your thoughts and feelings. Everything is informing us, assisting the expansion of our awareness, and fine tuning our alignment. Contrast does serve us.

“Feeling Good” is obviously pleasurable and it informs us of the positive energy flowing through us, aka alignment with our Source Presence. Gaining awareness and the mastery of the use of our Energy allows us to create our reality. We become empowered when we understand how to shift our Energy into the state of Being that we want to have, that we know we thrive on, that we experience as Life Force, the vitality we feel of this Energy and our Source Presence, our I Am.

With our attention, intention, and application we gain acceleration of our own mastery, as with anything we place our Energy into. We then add to the momentum in this shift for our whole collective Consciousness. It is a shift for us all; and in this time, in our human history and evolution, our knowledge, our Wisdom, and our access to our mastery is readily available for us all right Now.

You can make this shift of Consciousness a reality in your Life. You can charge yourself with “Feeling Good” and watch how your positive Energy attracts and creates. You can create your Life by using your Imagination and Energy in this moment, in every moment. So, here we go, again… “Feeling Good”! Notice the exclamation point! Repeat.

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