How We Feed Ourselves

Written by: Esperanza

PureEsperanza, NFP is dedicated to bringing forth more Consciousness while educating our body, mind and soul in the art of well-being.

March 3, 2020


Recently, a new free webinar series began, hosted by PureEsperanza, titled In the Art of Living. The first webinar focused on eating, not so much about what you eat, but more so about how you eat. The webinar idea has been to bring fresh perspectives of the kinds of programs we would have at El Hogar, our center for conscious education, holistic integration, and the art of wellbeing. There is so much information out there about food and the do & don’ts. The ideas shared on that first webinar, Know What A Meal Is Worth, were perhaps, cultural and even olden ways, revisited from a world, our world in its former times, before all its advancing technologies. Yet, it seemingly felt new because it was being presented, now, in a time, when simple ideas practiced in daily living are all too often forgotten.

We all come to understand that there is really nothing new under the sun. However, we do come across “unique” ways of perceiving and understanding an idea; and because we are all ever-evolving, what we may have heard awhile back or even recently, will all of a sudden click, seem as though we are hearing it for the first time, and suddenly it all makes sense.

Our minds will hear, affirm, resonate, make use, and discard what we are holding in our belief at that moment. All will get filtered through our minds and be subject to our egoic mindset, unless we develop our mind and to a Greater Intelligence Within. In this state of awareness and Being, we further develop dimensions of ourselves that can perceive into areas that may have previously been unknown to us.

It begins with our desire to feed ourselves in such a way that it promotes an alertness to all that expands our consciousness and our wellbeing. In this desire, we will also become aware of that which does not nourish us and why that “diet ” came to be, along with how we lovingly can alter, substitute, and replace it with unprecedented nourishment. From then on, it is a matter of how we feed ourselves.

Let’s take this idea further, beyond what some might be thinking is merely about food at this moment. Perhaps, others, are thinking about how it applies to the kinds of feelings we foster, another kind of soul “food”. Others may be thinking about “food for thought”, all those mindsets that we have given so much power to define us and others, including our and other’s circumstances. The latter being so powerful because it infiltrates into every part of not only our thinking, but the beliefs we cling to.

From it, we comfortably qualify our experiences as “good” and “bad”, what is “best” or “worse”, “smart” or “stupid”, “correct” or “mistake”, “valid” or “unworthy”, “right” or “wrong”, you get the idea. All the ways in which we feed ourselves, identify ourselves, relate “right” or compare ourselves to the mindsets we have clung to. How often are we digesting all this feed and, literally, checking within ourselves and with how it’s nourishing us? Nourishing our fellow human beings? Nourishing? …period.

It does not take a mastermind, a worldly scholar, an expert, an authority of credible background, to simply check in with yourself. We have much too often turned away from our own Wisdom, our own inner authority, the worthiness of our common sense. This is what this Life affords You as an opportunity to Be the Master Creator of your Life. It all begins, ends, transforms, and evolves with You and how you feed yourself. No one can do this for you, you must take up the inventory, the clean-up, and replenish your stock with how you want to feed yourself. Then you must take up that same desire and discipline. Yes, discipline your appetite alignment with your imagination. Yes, imagination of what you already desire fulfilled, Now, in You.

Underlying for many, in the unconscious, the subconscious, before it even emerges to our consciousness is the desire to Be Free. How we feed ourselves is the nourishing factor to our Being Free. That’s right, not just your freedom, but “our” freedom. What is done for you, Within you, is done for everyone. We feed one another. The next time you think of “feeding the world”, Be with the idea of how you feed yourself.

[Unsplash Photo Courtesy: Anthony Tran]

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