I Am Free

Written by: Esperanza

PureEsperanza, NFP is dedicated to bringing forth more Consciousness while educating our body, mind and soul in the art of well-being.

July 19, 2023


These are three simple words, ” I Am Free” and it really begins with only the first two. This is the hallmark of becoming a creator with Life and all the marvelous collaboration that goes with that. Merely, speaking these words with focus and intention can have wondrous effects upon our thinking, feelings, and actions. When combined with our feeling, desire, and deep passion from within there is a reverberation that aligns with the very center of our core.

Some say that nothing is new under the sun, that all has been shown to us again and again in many ways. Having said that, the knowledge of how we can become creators of Life, is a Universal Law that has been practiced for as long as humanity has lived. Some became practiced at it more, some became very skilled, and some became quite successful at it, masters. To this day, at this moment, each of us has the very same opportunity to create, not only our Life, but the very world we live in.

Thereby, in possessing the ability to create, are we not then Free? The answer being, Yes and No. Yes, because we possess the ability to create by practicing Universal Law. No, because we must cultivate our mind’s limitations. Our minds struggle to break from their own shackles and in turn bind others with every thought that judges, condemns, or limits. In fact, we fortify our own shackles by defending with our intellect, our emotional bodies, and our egoic mind, which attempt to claim superiority over Universal Law.

To strengthen the defense, we look outside ourselves. We attempt to reason our realities to justify and explain the belief systems, the limitations of our minds and what is unknown to us. In that 3-dimensional rationalization we arm ourselves with disbelief because it is safer to not trust beyond our mere senses. Yet, multiple dimensions exist beyond the known human senses. Science keeps learning and expanding into the realm of perceptions that extends beyond the five senses.

In a matter of a few years, we have quantum leaped into greater consciousness and are more aware of ourselves, our thoughts, emotions, and beyond. If your experiences resonate with this and it feels true on some level inside of you, I encourage you to bring your attention and sense perception into your experience and the present moment. Find opportunities to practice being still with your Presence and allow yourself to be guided by what unfolds for you in the moment.

Pay close attention to the feeling within you. Whenever you feel good inside, just naturally good, trust it to be your radar. It is your field of energy and it is our natural gauge for well-being. When we sustain our field of energy at a higher vibratory frequency, we can apply it with directed focus. This becomes a conscious creative force in our daily living. We all are creating regularly in some way or other. The difference is our conscious application of what we will create.

Deeply rooted in our emotional body, a concept that many of us struggle with, although we may intellectually accept it as a “truth,” is the concept that the Universe “has our back!”, that it really has our back, that it really has always wanted what is our very truest heart’s wish. The emotional body often contradicts this. Over time, this concept may ripen to more understanding.

The Universe is not a foreign, separate, outside entity. We are One and the same. I Am. We may have read, learned, and talked about it, but none of that matters until we give over to the experience and unless we do our work firsthand. The Great News is that with every moment we can begin to experience it some more in the art of living.

So, we enthusiastically proclaim with Great Joy that it is possible to feel the unfolding Power of Life! If not right now, assuredly in a moment, it will strike you as a truth, “I Am Free!” In its vibrational field, with the energy of these words flowing through, everything is possible! We celebrate your creation with Universal Law, Love, and with the “pure Esperanza” (hope) for our worlds to Be Free.

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