Kurt Krueger


Success Systems International

A native of Los Angeles, Kurt A. Krueger lives what he teaches and teaches what he lives. He has won 16 medals in four International Senior Olympic swim championships. Mr. Krueger has taught Peak Performance Training around the world for elite athletes/coaches, performing artists, business people, and others. His goal is to have everyone physically and mentally fit throughout the 21st Century. He has been interviewed on Radio/TV and for the print media on four continents. He has coached numerous world-record holders for San Fernando Valley swim schools, and was a member of Glendale College and Cal St. Uni. – Los Angeles faculties of Psychology and/or Physical Education. He is an internationally published bestselling author, including Bestseller, “Winning Ways for Living”, exclusively on Amazon, a photographer, lecturer, and corporate consultant. Mr. Krueger’s interest in Peak Performance Practices developed when he met a Master of these sciences in 1974.

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