New Moon In Virgo

Written by: Esperanza

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September 18, 2020


Whether you follow the wisdom of the stars or not, we could not wait to share this Master Astrologer,Ryan Evans’,reading for this month! There are valuable insights that may be of significant importance for you. You can also learn about all his beautiful services and how he, too, is serving our planet on our Community page. With permission, this comes to you from his September newletter, Ryan Evan’s Astrology~Heart Centered Evolutionary Astrology. May we all continue to keep connecting the dots on our evolutionary journeys.


Here comes all of the Astro-jargon but rest assured, it is followed by the descriptions, definitions, celebrations, and potentials…. This New Moon in Virgo at 3:59 AM pacific on September 17 is at exactly 25° 0 minutes of Virgo. This New Moon is in a trine aspect to Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter. Moreover, this New Moon is opposing Neptune, quincunxing Mars and Eris, and is square the Nodes of the Moon. Does it all make sense? Here you go…

While we have a couple of months to master this energy, this is our best month (next 28 days) to do so. This is the Lunar month where all of our efforts can have the most long-term benefit. This is the month where we roll up our sleeves, bring in the harvest, separate the wheat from the chaff, and lay up our stores for the coming long, cold, bitter winter. While I am reluctant to make any predictions, be it known that it would be very wise and, needless to say, in our best interests, to make as many preparations as possible and to lay up as many stores as possible.

This is wisdom. This is strength. This is not fear. Sure, the unknown future is always in motion and therefore difficult to predict and pin down, so it stands to reason that wisdom dictates the following lesson: that for our happiness, health, longevity, and our ‘existing all cozy and comfortably in this world’, now is the time to prepare for the possibility of that prolonged period of cold, ‘wish you had an extra piece of chocolate’ dark, winter. Wisdom in the stocked pantry.

This impending reward for all of our diligent, deliberate, thoughtful, concerted, and ‘non-vacation mentality’ actions will be a feeling like relaxing with chicken soup or with hot tea, all blanket wrapped and book reading, sitting next to the fireplace moments this winter. Solid, safe, and secure, we smile and find peace and gratitude in the short days and long relaxing peaceful nights. But we’re not going to get to the top of the mountain without the effort of the upward hike.

Exert maximum effort now. Build within, your core strength. Work as if one month pays for all. Imagine that there is a proverbial crop of infinite abundance before us and the more precise and lovingly we work the more crop we can bring in and the higher quality of a product it is. Your life right now is the product. What we harvest is up to us. The reward for our efforts is based on our efforts. IN all of this effort, this internal focusing, we must stay light and loving and open.  We must stay open to the clues which the Universe sprinkles like breadcrumbs before us. Quiet the mind. Release judgement and expectation. The ‘Forces for good things like happiness and love’ are at play during the apparent turmoil. Look for them.

It is so easy to lose our way now. It is so easy to let anger and frustration and the desire to see something explode dominate our imagination. But we must not let it. We use our energy now to gather our forces within. We use all of the fire. we may be feeling and transmute it into powerful and self-directed choices. We get our house and affairs in order. We start doing more exercise or eating better. We let go of our rage at the machine and start acting as if our lives our up to us and us alone.

So, get out the hammer. Get out the chisel. Get a cordless drill or a multi-purpose tool with infinite settings. Start charting graphs and laying out plans. Get rid of everything in your way that just shouldn’t be there. And amidst all of this, have an intention of blending harmoniously with whatever you can imagine the one beautiful loving heart and source of love is in the universe is. It has its own agenda, too. It’s always best to be open to what it wants as well. Find time to listen.

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