Reconsider, Redefine, Rename

Written by: Esperanza

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February 16, 2019


Tahquamenon Falls Photo: ESmith

On paths of Consciousness, we all find our ways into Its process of Becoming and Being. Along this path we will encounter “3R” words, and they aren’t the familiar reading, writing and arithmetic. These words will appear & reappear, somewhere & often, along the journey as we encounter what challenges our ideas, perspectives, beliefs, and values as we Become. We will Reconsider. We will Redefine. We will Rename. These are the “3R’s” referred to.

Unfolding Photo: ESmith

Let us consider just four powerful words for the purpose of allowing us to observe and play with as we Become more of our whole Being. Success, Freedom, Time, Love, these powerful words and their energy will challenge us as we evolve and most certainly affect what we create as our Life.

We may begin by first considering what these words mean to us. Success? Freedom? Time? Love? We may then define them. Yet, as we live into the moment and Consciousness expands, we will find ourselves in conflict with a fixed definition, unless we have given our definition flexibility. Flexibility can come through the understanding of the moment we are in and as part of a process that is ever unfolding. This process will inevitably lead us to reconsider our definition, to redefine as we unfold and expand in Consciousness, and to allow ourselves to rename the very words that hold power over our creation.

Observe what you think and feel as we consider just these four powerful words. Success,  it is uniquely defined by many perspectives ranging from financial wealth, possessions, educational degrees, and a host of other tangible and material manifestations. On the other hand, other perspectives on success will identify with the more sublime such as happiness, self-love, purpose, and, also, a host of other qualities of Being. Freedom, it is a word ranging from patriotism, to break out from oppression, to civil rights, to our connection with the spectrum of physical to Spirit. Time, defined as elusive, lingering, occupied, empty, precious, or eternal will rely on the perspective that defines it, gives value to it, and even influences our choices that we then define it by. Love, seen in its countless perspectives on relationships, emotion, acts of giving, a state of Being, a quality of Consciousness, Consciousness Itself, are only some of Its definitions. Undoubtedly, many experiences will also be interwoven to inform our unique perspectives, as we continue to unfold and expand, causing us to reconsider and redefine. This is the Becoming.

Set Sail Photo: ESmith

Our creative power becomes more focused in this process of Becoming through the challenges we encounter in our thoughts and feelings. By allowing ourselves the flexibility to reconsider, redefine, and finally rename we further engage in this process. We then use conscious choice and power to rename any thought, feeling, or word we have associated with an experience or encounter. It is by this conscious choice that evolves from the process of Becoming that we understand how to create our experience of Life. Our thoughts, feelings and the very words we use, are the energy manifesting everything we come to experience. Becoming and the use of our creative power to create Life is us evolving into Being, One with the whole Consciousness in the moment.

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