Sensible Romance

Written by: Esperanza

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June 26, 2019


Recently a book, In Defense of Food, by Michael Pollan gave way to this idea of a sensible romance. The author’s wit instantly gave the reader permission to laugh out loud at ourselves and our ways of thinking about food and eating. He poignantly and powerfully advocated for reasons to trust in one’s ability to eat sensibly. He empowered us to take back the power we give away as we turn to one more “expert” to define our experience with food.

Eating can be an evocative experience for many. It can induce emotions. it can be playful, sensual, light, intense, passionate and, also, serious, heavy, packed with guilt and fears. Additionally, there will also be many opinions of other’s labeling it “right and wrong” for a host of reasons. Like any relationship in Life we get to choose how we will engage with it and like any relationship Fun, yes, FUN! can be key.

“In Defense of Food” By: Michael Pollan

Like any romance, the enticement of it resides in the fun we experience! Think back to any memory of any romance and was not fun somewhere in the center of it all? Of course, it was! In fact, before it became more complicated, we were mostly “busy” having fun. Its power is not to be underestimated as frivolous, but as a strong agent to create extraordinary moments in our lives. We can observe it at work all the time.

Kids know this naturally! Try teaching a kid, anyone, anything, and the moment fun is a part of the experience the learning comes easily. Learning to create romance, with all its fun, in all relationships and ways of living can be one of the most powerful testaments to alignment with one’s greatest potential and in doing so Being the very quality of soul inspiration, Joy, that we are when we are in the state of Love. Romance it, to the last drop!

Ok, so you develop “romancing” and the art of living with all these relationships in your Life. Let’s say you get really “skilled” at it, but still you find those moments when you are all by yourself, alone. Then what?

Romancing One’s Self Photo: ESmith

The most sensible relationship that gets overlooked, most of the time, is the one that is the most supremely essential. It is the one that we cultivate to empower the most satisfying romance and creations of our lives. It’s that sensible romance that we can turn on when we are in those “all alone” moments. It’s the one that we can purposely turn up the volume to hear it clear, loud, and break out in dance to! It’s the one romance to invest Energy and ample amounts of Fun into! It’s the one to share every bit of yourself with and Never hold back! It’s so simple, so enjoyably wonderful, and such a sensible romance. It’s You! Your I Am.

Freely eat, dine, feast, and celebrate with It. Nourish and nurture time with It. Play, work, learn, adventure, and explore with It. Let It romance and seduce your mind. Let It make the music and lead the dance that you both are One with. Sleep and wake with It joyfully. Set out to co-create, in a soulful partnership with It and the moment you are living into right now. Let It wisely guide you to understanding just how sensible a romance It is.

Sensible Romance Photo: ESmith

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