The Four Element’s “Good Luck”

Written by: Esperanza

PureEsperanza, NFP is dedicated to bringing forth more Consciousness while educating our body, mind and soul in the art of well-being.

March 17, 2020


Reposting because although it is not St. Patrick’s Day nor the onset of Covid, when this was first written, it still carries the sage wisdom and “luck” o’ the green that we often think about around that time of year. Here you will discover the kind of green that flourishes, not only in spring or summer, but also transitioning us through autumn, winter, with all the Four Elements (anytime of the year) bringing you well-being, and a kind of “good luck” that nourishes your body, mind and soul. It also happens to be the color vibration of your heart chakra, the central chakra of your energy center’s (chakras) system. Do you really know how earth, water, fire and air aide us?

Why drink in the SUN (aka FIRE)? Most of us have heard that sunlight trigger’s the production of Vitamin D in our bodies and it enhances your natural immunity. Vitamin D supplements will help to build your immune system (up to 2000 IU daily). However, the combination of actual sunlight, its warmth upon your skin, and its living forces of Energy activate the production process in your body at a cell level with your skin type.

Sunlight will also help with stress you may be experiencing during this pandemic because it triggers the serotonin hormone to be released in your brain. Serotonin, will boost your mood, help you to be calm and focused. Use the Sun to, literally, lift your Spirit!

So, walk in the sunshine or if you can’t get outside at least open your curtains, blinds, etc. and let the sunshine in! Taking mindful moments while drinking in the sun are two powerful preventative “tools” that build up your immunities.

Why stop to breathe in AIR? Well, the old wise saying “get some fresh air” has been known to make you happier, besides strengthening your immune system and cleaning your lungs. It is Free and easily accessible to us all even if you are an urban dweller!

A simple walk boosts the immune system by increasing natural anti-infectious cells, neutrophils and monocytes; and being by trees, plants and vegetation you access oxygen which aids respiratory symptoms. So, open the window, even if it’s cold at least for a few minutes and breathe! Remember, breathing… period. Mindfulness moments and breathing are a duo, literally packed with Energy!

Water! Drinking water is essential. Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%.  Water is necessary to regulate all our body and its system’s functioning. Healing is often associated with water for its cleansing, removal of toxins, eliminating waste, lubricating joints, calming qualities, to name only a few.  Hydration in treating all viral infections is considered to have benefits besides your overall health and well-being. Your immune system will get a boost from being hydrated. Drinking LOTS of filtered or spring water, adding gargling to your daily routine, bathing to release toxins and taking time to soak in all its healing power, will provide ample benefits!

What is EARTH Grounding? Environmental sciences and their emerging research are revealing that direct physical contact with the surface of the earth’s electrons has positive health factors that can boost and strengthen your immune system by neutralizing free radicals that cause infection and cell damage and stress.

Simply walking outdoors or activities like barefoot walking, sitting, working, sleeping or laying outdoors allows the Earth to connect with a conductive system that transfers Energy from it to your body. Now, think back to those times you experienced a surge of Energy standing on a mountain, sitting on a giant rock, walking upon the sand or lying on the grass, climbing a tree, being in a room with plants and flowers, and on and on. How cool is that?

So, it while its still warm enough for bare feet, depending on where you live, go outside and stand upon this good earth. Hug a tree! Engage your senses while you stand there and while doing so give Thanks! Thanks for Everything and these Four Elements that help to heal, balance and energize us!

We are So “Lucky” for these Four Elements and how powerful and preventative they can be for challenges we face today.

[Photo: Esperanza Smith]

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