The Middle Man

Written by: Esperanza

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May 9, 2019


Most of us have experienced the pros and cons of the middle man. If you have ever been in a management position you know the part of the middle man. In businesses and professions of all kinds there is usually a middle man. As a consumer you have dealt with a middle man for a service or product that you have purchased. In families, parents, siblings, or kids can play out the role of the middle man. The bottom line is that the middle man acts like a buffer and usually heads off a direct line to the source.

City Morning Open for Business Photo: ESmith

Perhaps, it’s a middle man syndrome that contributes to having a “middle man” in our thoughts. By that I mean, the way in which we set about creating. I mean, after all, it seems to be a standard way that things are carried out in our everyday experiences and with our ways of thinking but, what if you took the middle man out? By that, I don’t mean an all get out assault, but a rather, gradual dismissal as the middle man merges with its highest leadership. I guess you could think of it as the middle man gets a promotion!

Consciousness is expanding these days at an accelerated rate and it’s awakening the ideas of Being empowered. We may already be well on our path to accept our power to create. Many have spoken, written, and taught on countless platforms of ways to achieve success and on many perspectives of what success is. Many of these ideas still use a “middle man” or stumble upon directly creating from Source.

To directly create is the removal of the middle man. When one is ready, Source speaks directly and yet, another possibility opens in the mind. That open door allows us to see the middle man, to see Source, and to perceive the merging. Acceptance settles in and we understand our authority and responsibility in all that we create, have created, and will create. It, often, lends to the feeling of awe struck then begins to creep over us as we connect with our thoughts and hear our mind dialogues.

We may hear our thoughts, even full of conviction, of how something “will come”, or “will be”, or “when such and such happens”, and it’s all rather motivating and positive, but we can detect hearing the “middle man”, still hanging around, buffering the full acceptance of our creation now, as our command. For it is in the full state of Presence, Now, present tense, that it is done. It is in this direct route to and from Source that we are One with It and Its power.

Direct access, connection, and expression of Source is our deeper awareness and inevitably, speaks into Being. It is at this juncture that Life swings into a perpetual motion of awesomeness! Be kind to ourselves! We are learning, expanding, and creating all at once! Let It guide you, move you, breathe, and live through you until Its Presence is as natural as the “middle man” used to be when buffering was in place and the route got blocked in places. Take courage, to allow It to be direct. Let it Be and remember the “middle man”, Thanks You for the promotion!

I AM Come Photo: Steven Smith

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