What is Quantum Psychology and Why It Will Reshape the Way We Interact and Perceive Reality?

Written by: Esperanza

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November 5, 2019


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In our research, here at PureEsperanza, gathering facts, science, and support for what many already experience on a more intuitive level by being in tune with life, exploring consciousness, or the infinite ways that these experiences come to us, we came across this article and we are happy to have permission from the author, Isaac R. Betanzos to repost here. We are thankful for our social networking communities, and Kosmopolites for having posted it. Sharing our committment, here at PureEsperanza, to expand consciousness.


What if we weren’t fully aware of our most basic and profound quality as beings, and this would help us understand ourselves and the Universe? I want to challenge the way we have been biologically designed to perceive and interact with the world and what we call “reality.” But first, let’s play a game.

We all have likely dreamt of having a superpower. Most likely, you even have your own list of favourite superpowers, like having unnaturally enhanced strength, time travelling, becoming invisible, or being able to differentiate sour pistachios before eating them, for instance. Mine, by the way, would be the superpower of levitating and flying at a high speed (a recurring dream I have always had).

But imagine, for a moment, that some sort of cosmic and superior force actually grants you a superpower: the capacity to perceive time and space as if they were one more dimension, subject to our conscious perception and manipulation, like the other three perceptions we already know and interact with. Something like if you were able to “oversee” your whole life from above, every second of it, as a sequence of frames on a movie roll, ready to be projected at an old cinema. Therefore, with this newly acquired skill, you could visualize every single instant of your entire life, frame by frame, instance by instance, sequence by sequence (past, present, and future). Then imagine scrolling through your film backwards and forwards as you please, landing in the exact moment that you wish to live and experience all over again. Furthermore, you would be consciously aware of the implications that your present choices would have on your future, as you just glimpsed what will happen next. This, my friend, would be the gift of mastering time. 

Let’s imagine now that the same cosmic and
superior force gifts you with another amazing superpower. This instance, as you
are now able to discern your whole life from another perspective in terms of
time, you are also able to “sculpt”
each one of those frames that compose your entire life from beginning to end.
Something like if you could use your hands to carve and change anything you
wanted from those frames before landing into them: bringing people closer to
you physically or emotionally, or distancing yourself from aspects and details
that you find draining and counterproductive. Like getting your hands dirty
while molding a clay jar, to mold that moment with the exact shape you desire.
This, my friend, would be the gift of mastering space.

If you had that level of awareness and control over time and space, your consciousness would allow you to directly clout  any event in your life at any time. At the same time, you would also indirectly alter everything and everyone around you, setting in motion events that would resonate like an explosive wave within your world. And, eventually, this force will also fade like a water wave when you throw a pebble into the ocean. What would you do if you were the guardian of such immense powers? Lucky for us, there is no being in our physical reality with such heavy baggage of responsibility… or is there?

Believe it or not, there is a fundamental part of our existence and the Universe that somewhat masters those gifts. A set of scientific laws and reality in which time and space are not absolute nor chained to the lineality and the immediacy of the macroscopic world we biologically know. The science that studies this odd reality has been around for just over two hundred years, and the consistent results the experiments performed show challenge everything we know about the world as we experience it. It challenges the very same nature that makes us “alive” and different from inanimate objects. It shows that the way we are set by default to interact and survive in the world is not all there is to the picture. And this science is called Quantum Mechanics or Quantum Physics.

If you already know the basics of Quantum Physics, then you know what type of mind-blowing experimental results I’m talking about. And the most amazing thing about this science is that if you think you understand the logic behind those results, it is because you don’t have a clue about Quantum Mechanics; yet, the more you learn about it, the less you will feel you understand its meaning and implications… That is the enchanting paradox of this science.

If you are unfamiliar with the principles
and properties of Quantum Physics, I totally recommend that you look up the
double-slit experiment and its variations, Quantum entanglement, or how time
and space simply don’t apply the same way at this microscopic level. But, above
all, learn about how, the mere fact of having a conscious observer (i.e., each
one of us) changes the property of the atoms, like if they knew we are observing them (called the uncertainty principle).

On top of all that, there are more odd experimental results that hint at how the way in which the physical world around us responds and deploys is partly influenced by our will: think about the psychokinetic effect experiments performed by (where our conscious thinking affects the results of a random number generator device), or with water particles by (showing that our mindset can change water molecules without direct physical manipulation), the Global Consciousness Project started by Radin (reporting that meaningful and impactful global events interfere with devices allocated across the globe), and even my own humble work on the topic (finding evidence that certain personality traits and mindsets will have a bigger impact producing those changes than others), amongst others.

By following that track, the concept of Quantum Psychology was conceived: that a part of our (sub)consciousness actually behaves and develops based on the laws of Quantum Mechanics, and not the Newtonian laws that we experience directly. Because, once you become aware of that part of your inherited nature, you will realise that somehow you partly and naturally have those superpowers we spoke about clustered within your potential to be magnified and trained.

Because once you start to dig into the implications and effects our conscious mind naturally have over matter in the atomic world, there is no way back into perceiving the world as you were ever again. Then, pulling one string leads to understanding other loose ends of our existence and, eventually, to apprehending some of the biggest questions there are: What happens after death, the concept of God, time travelling, the meaning of life, teletransportation, the origin of the Universe, and other seemingly inexplicable phenomena…

And each of these topics leads to one overwhelming common conclusion: Pretty much everything we experience, interact with, or perceive is interconnected and retro-influenced one way or another. It’s a continuous energetic exchange between us as individual beings, the world, and all other living entities in the Universe (who are fundamentally made of the same basic ingredients as us).

Far more important, it points to the
certainty that our own (sub)consciousness is far more important than we give it
credit for when it comes to shaping and unveiling the reality we live in.
Because remember, in the Quantum Realm, time and space are also at our
disposal. It becomes the answer and the missing piece to explain and connect
all those troublesome questions, and ultimately the key to unleashing our
unique potential as human beings.


We can simply define Quantum Psychology

science and theory that studies the nature, implications and relationships
between the part of our (sub) consciousness (or Quantum Self) governed by the
laws of Quantum Mechanics, and how it retro-influence and interacts with our
default sensory system, cognitivity, neuronal and biological mechanisms and the
rest of our (sub) consciousness, which are ruled by the macroscopic or
Newtonian physics laws.”

Fair enough; but what does this definition exactly means and implies to our daily life? Right? For a start, and as we have previously covered, such is the nature of the subatomic or Quantum Realm that time and space are not linear. From a Quantum Psychology perspective, this allows us, through our Quantum Self, to become aware or make decisions considering “what goes on” that Quantum plane. And what goes on is that our mind or energetic field interact with those atomic particles that go through us and compose the entire Universe. Furthermore, when this connection is established, time and space will not be subject to the same lineality as the rest of our senses are through the Newtonian laws. This necessarily opens a brand new scope of possibilities and ways to raise our own full potential.

Because of our biological nature and the adaptive configuration given by natural selection in order to survive, we are designed to experience time and space lineally and tied down to our immediate environment perception, experience and expectations. As a result, most of our Quantum perception happens at a more instinctive and subconscious level before (and if) it reaches a conscious status. Even then, like with most of our conscious conclusions, we are often not fully aware of the true source of such conclusions, attributing them to different known reasons instead. Furthermore, those final conclusions are integrated and formed by the rest of our sensory, cognitive and biological systems.

Therefore, the primary goal of Quantum Psychology is to study how that part of our (sub) consciousness acts as a bridge between both the macroscopic and the microscopic physics. And, once this relationship is understood, draw into the rest of implications and applications this newly unveiled potential has. Because imagine you could maximise the tangible impact or influence you have in any important aspect or goal in your life; imagine you could train your awareness and perception to gather insights from different sections of time or space that go way beyond the limitations our default sensory system allows us to; imagine, from a social and technological point of view, the potential implications of discovering how, through the innate power of our own mind, we can consciously and partially influence the outcome over matter and reality at a subatomic level. If we did have a way to measure and exploit this potential, where do you think the limit within each one of us would be set?

The central mantra within Quantum Psychology is that it hands the full power and responsibility of our own development to ourselves: no overwhelming divine force, no blaming to external or interpersonal factors, and only the whole world in front of you to be perceived and conquered. Because it is true that we will always face situations that somewhat scape of our control. Or extreme events that will overwhelm and challenge everything we believe in. Pain is inevitable; and what’s more important, pain is an indivisible part of growing, self-development and achievement.

But, even during those uncontrollable and
painful times you still hold an inherited power and control: to decide how you
react to them, and to shape and influence the message you are transmitting to
the world through your answer. Because depending on that message, the final
outcome to those situations will hugely vary. And, as mentioned before, atoms
don’t bend over our biological time and space limitations.

Does that mean that if we think positively all our problems will just vanish? Absolutely and energetically NO. First of all, we would need to frame how we define a problem; as for some people an event can be perceived as a problem if they feel they lost control over the outcome; however, for others, that same situation can be interpreted as an opportunity, if they decide to take it as a chance to grow and look for the self-development within. If you choose the latter option, then you are setting up your system into finding solutions: starting in your brain, the hormones and neurotransmitters it will segregate, and even the way you cognitively perceive and interpret every single social interaction you have.

In addition to this, your organism and energy will also transmit and look for answers to the problem at a Quantum level. At a subatomic level, all conceivable solutions to the problem (either positive, neutral or negative) collide simultaneously. Then, your Quantum Self and mindset will play its role, influencing in which one of those plausible outcomes will become more likely to materialise, based on that message you are sending. Because being right is one of the strongest psychological principles.

Does this mean that if I want to win the
lottery, all I have to do is to strongly think about it until my Quantum Self
bounces me back the winning numbers from the future? Absolutely NOT. Because
when we talk about the subatomic laws we can only talk about probabilities and
possibilities, not about certainties. Even more, that would directly conflict
and violate the forces of the macroscopic physics laws. Therefore, following
the example of the lottery numbers, from a Quantum perspective, absolutely all
the possible combinations are happening at the same time. It’s only when the
present catches up and those possible outcomes are forced to take a certainty
when one of them becomes what we understand by real.

However, there is always a way around to maximise our chances towards achieving a goal (i.e. which lottery number combination will win tonight): like finding patterns amongst the winning combinations, or coming up with systems that will make winning more likely, or simply finding other ways to achieve whatever it is that you are looking to accomplish by winning the lottery. And, one of those factors involved (alongside with your cognitive thinking, IQ, access to resources, lack of DNA or environmental handicaps…) will be your Quantum Self and how Quantum Psychology interacts from and through you.

So what part of my reality is due to Quantum Psychology? The easiest and most instinctively way to perceive its effects lays in little details that most of us have experienced during our lives: for example, when we are very close to someone, and we suddenly have the feeling that something is going on with that person and when we make contact with them we realise that something has changed in their lives. Or when someone that we haven’t met in a while comes to our mind and that very same day we bump into them in the middle of the street. Or when we dream about something to happen and it does; or, at a deeper and more complex level, when we just know in our hearts that we have to do something regardless of the consequences, knowing that eventually we will find sense to the whole venture.

I know, I know. You might be thinking: what about all the times when we experience those situations but they weren’t real? Isn’t what I’m proposing a clear confirmation bias situation? Perhaps for some of the times we experience this kind of situations and they don’t materialise, we were just experiencing that cognitive bias. Perhaps, for the situations where what we felt actually ends up happening, we were still either following that bias or truly connected with the Quantum Realm through our Quantum Self. Perhaps, for the rest of the situations, we did connect with the Quantum Realm, hinting at one of the possible outcomes to that specific situation, yet that wasn’t the one to materialise in the end.

Because, remember, in the Quantum world we cannot talk about certainties, but about possibilities. And if we dream about something to happen, or think about someone we haven’t met in a while, you are still not facing the certainty that it will actually happen. In any case, you might be perceiving a hint from your Quantum Self, making you aware that this is one of the possibilities that has manifested in that reality of simultaneous possibilities. Then, between where you are and what actually happens when the moment comes, there is a path filled with countless tiny or big decisions to make, by you and the rest of beings out there, that potentially will also interfere and influence on whichever the final materialisation is. However, if you were able to train yourself into being more sensitive towards perceiving those signals and gained awareness, at the very least you could use that information to do everything within your power to either maximise or minimise the chances for that event from happening.

However, there is yet another key point in Quantum Psychology: if our Quantum Self and (sub) consciousness sits at the centre of how reality and the Universe is formed and displayed (similarly as Biocentrism, by Lanza, claims), in the centre of that centre you will find the raw and real emotional and energetic connections that we make throughout our life as its fuel and engine. We are talking about situations where time or space is bent and shaped by the true interpersonal connections we make. We are talking about making interpersonal entanglements and energetic exchanges and connections with those we are truly close to.

Therefore, this would allow us, similarly as it happens between entangled atoms, to experience and anticipate things about them, without the need to be subject to a lineal space-time reality. We are implying having invaluable insights in some of the most important decisions we will ever make in our life. Even when they don’t initially make sense inside our conscious and present state of mind. Because, if we follow the trail or Quantum lead that part of our (sub) consciousness have hinted us with, further down the line we will find the ultimate meaning for it. All you need to do is to be brave enough to follow your heart and instinct. Because your Quantum Self might know things about yourself and the things to come way before the rest of your consciousness does. And, if you are tuned and balanced with your physical and energetic environment, you will increase the number of those hints or hunches whispering you what you should do. It is all about balance and self awareness.

Talking about Quantum Psychology is
claiming that there is another very important factor to take into consideration
when it comes to understanding yourself, your environment, or achieving your
own personal goals. And, unlike other components involved, which have been
widely studied and that are intuitive to our biological perception, this one
belongs to a world where the rules are completely different.

Quantum Psychology is about realising that you can use those different rules to your advantage to reach whatever you set yourself for. It’s about giving you the ultimate power and responsibility over your own self-development and consciously train this part of your nature. It is also, at a wider level, about opening new doors for social and technological development that will take our species to a whole new level and change the world as we know it.

The way we can change and shape what’s to come is much bigger, flexible and wider than what we have been led to believe. Led by natural selection and our biological instincts, we have been slaves of our own immediate sensory and perceptual limitations. Because there is this part of your reality that is not limited by the now and here; where you can take information about the possibilities of the future, or from other spatial locations, that can help you optimise your decision making here and now. And the compass to navigate all that lays in the interpersonal connections and raw sensations that we live.

And, like any other skill or ability, it’s subject to improvement and development through our own conscious training and progressive awareness. We might never be able to experience reality like an atom does, playing with time and space as we desire, simply because we are tied down to our biological limitations and they are not. However, thanks to our Quantum Self, we can continuously improve the different tools inherited within ourselves to get closer to that reality. Just like if you wanted to run a marathon, it would be unrealistic to think that you will complete it under 1 hour and half even if you prepare yourself for it; however, you can get as close to that goal as physically possible through constant, thorough and persistent training.

Quantum Psychology is not exclusive to human kind at all. In fact, every single living organism in the Universe possesses some degree of connection with the Quantum Realm, as that’s the basic ingredient that conforms live itself. However, the range of awareness or retro-influence will vary in qualitative and quantitative terms from species to species, and even from specimen to specimen, or within the same specimen over time. Picture it as a puzzle: they are all made of pieces, however its number and complexity is not equal for all the puzzles that exist.

As anticipated, Quantum Psychology adds the central piece of a very complex riddle that explains how the Universe is made and how we fit or influence it. It opens the door to new questions that need to be tackled, and its answers will resonate into other subjects. Because make no mistake: Quantum Psychology is the most important piece of this puzzle, the one that will enable us to jump to a new era as a species and beings, and also the one we are ignoring.

Because throughout history we have been asking ourselves how we fit as conscious beings in this Universe and reality that we perceive. However, what if we have been asking the question wrong, and it should be inverted? What if the real question is how the Universe fits with us and the reality that we (sub) consciously create in it? Because, let’s be frank my friend, what would be the point for the whole Universe to exist if there weren’t conscious life in it to experience it as the observer? And, as it has been proven through Quantum Mechanics, our very own observation can change the subatomic outcomes and reality.

The story of Quantum Psychology is one about time, space and true interpersonal connections, and how those three terms, that we take for granted, can be misleading even when their true nature is exposed before us.


Throughout this article the very foundations of how we have been designed to perceive and interact with the world from a biological and survival perspective have been challenged. However, the early stages of Quantum Psychology as a theory reflects the very same limitations Quantum Mechanics shows to replicate its principles in our macroscopic world.

Up until now, it feels like if all we have from Quantum Mechanics is a huge bunch of data and odd effects in the way atoms seem to bend space and time. All those results cast light from a descriptive point of view rather than from a deeper and predictive perspective. Simply put, this part of reality feels somehow disconnected with our own experience of the world. That is exactly the target of Quantum Psychology: becoming that bridge that connects micro and macroscopic physics, affecting our daily life and the way reality is unfolded to us.

Perhaps we have been doing it backwards all along while trying to understand why atoms behave the way they do; instead of trying to find the evidence out there to satisfactory predict the subatomic world as accurately as we do with the macroscopic one, maybe we should have looked within ourselves. After all, we had the necessary clues all along: the uncertainty principle, entanglement, tunnelling, teleportation… and especially the way our own conscious observation affects the results in the double-slit paradigm and similar experiment.

Perhaps, we do possess some of the superpowers exposed at the beginning at some level, we are just not conscious enough of our own capability yet. Because when we fully understand, measure and control the potential of Quantum Psychology, we will be able to understand our own nature and the Universe itself; to find new ways to communicate with it and between ourselves; to reach new highs from a personal development and technological point of view; and where we can tune all the links towards achieving our own personal goals, where we are indeed the main point of control of the final outcome.

The path to understanding the limits of Quantum Psychology starts within yourself. So, if you want to hear it whispering to your (sub) consciousness, simply begin by listening into the silence of your own mind: by shutting down every single source of distraction or social and biological noise that comes from the sensory system that you have taken for granted your entire life. Just look within yourself and mentally observe how your gut feelings or sensations affect the way you make decisions on a daily basis. Pay attention to those signs where you are conscious and aware of something that you know the classical physics laws cannot explain.

Everything great that you will ever accomplish in life must be impulsed by a real, natural and deep raw sense of connection and purpose – even if it makes sense only to you. We all need the unique focus and motivation that finding our muse, our Venus, or our source of inspiration gives us; that can be a person, or a personal goal, or a life changing event that gives you direction, meaning and transcendence. Once you face this moment of truth, you will understand that a life can be determined and changed in a second of pure bravery and conviction. From there, accept that nothing, not even reality, will overcome what you already know in your heart.

And what do those signs might look like? Or to what extent can we realistically expect that we can influence the world around us using our force from Quantum Psychology? Well, it’s now time to challenge yourself with the idea. I hope, at least, that some questions have been raised in your curious mind.

So, have you found your real goal yet?


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