Ants Patel


Peoplepreneur® Founder - Mindset Coach, Change Catalyst, Empowerer, Humanitarian

The potential to be extraordinary happens by tapping into mental resources to overcome and manage anything we experience. So why don’t we? Only a tiny portion are resourceful to tap into those internal tools that sustain them. We’ve become too reliant on others to show us the how, where, why and what.

As the world advance in technology, humanity remains stagnant. We have exceptional ‘lifestyles’ with no life. A wealth of consumption but a lack of contribution. Indeed with today’s capabilities, growth for anyone ought to be more accessible; surprisingly, it’s not. Collectively, we all have shared an enemy; a lack of direction. The top-level orchestrator that directs our thoughts, decision-making, choices, behaviour and action.

Anks helps to access those tools; amplifying potential, harness self-accountability, create change catalysts, a life of fulfilment, and contribution towards legacy. Ultimately, a world of unconditional possibilities.

It’s why Peoplepreneur® was born.

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