Atonka Harmony


Heart Master of Sacred Geometry and Universal Light Language

“Your dimensional leap into your true unique beauty and universal genius is my passion.” ~ Shaman Atonka

The special gift and expertise of Shaman Atonka are above all to neutrally see through the “human being” in his/her multidimensional being, to feel through, to hear through, to smell through – finally to perceive holistically as a divine light being, and to touch lovingly. She is and was for many people a particularly loving companion and unerring and precise gate opener with sacred keys of the individual lightful consciousness memory of the very own divine perfect being of the natural healthy successful fulfilled creative being. By means of her wonderful gifts, the very effective shamanic Quantum-Transformation-& Frequency- & Vibration-Medicine, Shaman Atonka works in her “Holistic Health- & Beauty-Atelier” worldwide directly or remotely in the galactic sense supporting your holistic divine consciousness-remembrance and activation of your true conscious being.

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