Beverley Matali


Intuitive Healer Reiki Master/ Yantha practitioner and Coach on Personal develop

Beverley created a “Peace and Healing Harmony” blog and a YouTube Channel. She has been an intuitive, healer and psychic since her childhood. With an international background, Canadian by birth and allied with African roots.

Reiki Master and Yantha practitioner for over 25 years, she strongly believes that everyone has a unique gift, the potential to heal themselves, and limitless possibility to achieve oneself’s goals.

Beverley believes in natural healing, if we are open to feeling our emotions, we can heal with our body, mind, and energy around us. She likes to learn new ways to heal with herbs, sound, sun, water, and everything natural that is out there.

Beverley earned a Business Management degree, working for 2 decades in the fashion industry for an established brand. After a significant trip to her parent’s land in Africa, following her intuition, she decided to move from Canada to Africa and start a new life. Beverley‘s mission is to help bring peace and harmony to everyone around her and beyond.

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