Caterina DeFalco


Return to the Table

Caterina De Falco is the founder of Return to The Table, a movement to help families create more meaningful connections by embracing the art of the family dinner tradition.

She is an author, speaker, and coach. Caterina has 30 years of experience in the kitchen and researching the differences between the French and American cultures around food preparation and mealtime rituals and 16 years of raising children and observing American families’ mealtime routines. She believes that sharing good food together is one of the easiest opportunities that we have every day to nourish our children’s minds, bodies, and spirits and sees that our society has lost the art of the family dinner tradition to hectic schedules, convenience foods, and personal devices.

Return to the Table is about food but so much more. It is about creating an experience when we commit to taking the time every day to relax together, laugh together and share our deepest feelings together with good food.

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