Christine Freeland


Cultivating Harmony with Self & the Living World Harmony Facilitator

Christine Freeland, Founder of Sirius Leadership, LLC., loves teaching people and works with groups, leaders, businesses, and organizations on how to cultivate Harmony within themselves, with each other, and with the living world. She does this by re-connecting people to their innate intelligences in order to navigate in a world of increasing volatility and misinformation which separates us from our birthright to live in Harmony. After a 30-year career in the Federal Civil Service, she has experienced firsthand the need to re-establish connections and community to support ourselves, each other, and the living world, as we journey into an uncertain future.

Christine believes our inner being is reflected in our outer beliefs and behaviors. Creating inner Harmony creates outer Harmony in life. That every “one” and every “thing” is connected in dynamic relationships. It’s understanding and honoring these connections that creates life in Harmony. She is a Heart Facilitator, Values Facilitator, and fosters Regenerative Leadership.

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