Crystal Sun

Founder of ItsCrystalSun, High Vibrational Music Producer, Author & Speaker

Crystal Sun is a frequency advocate focused on “Raising Frequency Awareness” as a high vibrational music producer (working with binaural beats & vocal toning), transformational speaker & podcast host of Level Up Your Frequency.

In more recent years, Crystal created a non-profit organization called ItsCrystalSun. ItsCrystalSun’s mission is to shift the consciousness of the planet by “Raising Frequency Awareness” through knowledge and resources provided by the world’s top sound frequency experts.

With 25 years of experience working as a singer, songwriter, and music producer, coupled with a background in music theory and classical voice, Crystal earned the opportunity to work alongside some of the top music producers from Hollywood to New York City. In 2019 Crystal ditched the Hollywood scene after receiving profound psychic downloads on the importance of sound frequency and how it affects our overall health, quality of life, and the profound effects it has on the planet.

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