Deborah and David Kozich

LoveMakers Foundation

The LoveMakers Foundation is a new kind of church and Spiritual Foundation creating the LOVE REVOLUTION whose purpose is to move the paradigm of the world from fear to LOVE. LoveMakers Foundation propels the radical idea of using LOVE as the key to human happiness, fulfillment, spiritual connection, helping individuals connect with their highest source, creating a world of peace, joy, and happiness. LOVE connects all people of all religions in unified joy as it is the most powerful force in the universe. LoveMakers Foundation projects the powerful world-class message of its Founder, Chief Spiritual Officer, and Sr. Pastor, David Kozich, JD. LL.M, CMC and Chief Executive Officer, Deborah Kozich, CLC. LoveMakers Foundation’s Vision is to become the leading Vertically Integrated Spiritual Organization in the World, where individuals are aligned with the LOVE paradigm. LoveMakers provides a powerful weekly online “LOVE message”, spiritual counseling, prayer work, spiritual coaching, etc.

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