Dr. Keryn Johnson Ph.D. MSc BSc


Quantum Biologist and Regenerative Medicine Expert

The science of measurement has created a physical material world. This is inconsistent with the light we see within ourselves. Our models of biology are incomplete and disconnected from the conscious observer. To see the light within and solve the hard problem of consciousness, one must unlearn the illusion and become empowered with the force of light (electromagnetism). The electromagnetic force, light, within atoms provides a different lens to explore biology. The emerging field of quantum biology opens a doorway into ancient knowledge. Dr. Johnson has developed a revised scientific model of singularity physics. By rearranging Einstein’s equation E = mc2 to c2 = E/M (electromagnetism), the geometry of light within single atoms (inverted symmetry) revealed a doorway into the universe of light. Having unlocked the door to the atomic light within atoms, Dr. Johnson solved the antimatter asymmetry problem using logic and discovered the identity of dark matter and dark energy.

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