Eric Osborne


President and Co-Founder Psanctuary, The Sacred Mushroom Church

Eric has twenty-five years+ as a personal practitioner and facilitator of psilocybin healing. With an M.Ed. and twenty years of self-trained mycological expertise (having owned and managed three gourmet and psychedelic mushroom farms), Eric’s primary goals are to educate members of Psanctuary and the public at large on how to become self-empowered through the cultivation of and communion with sacred mushrooms. Through his history in the psychedelic retreat space, as the founder of the world’s first psilocybin wellness retreat in Treasure Beach, Jamaica, he has experienced firsthand the power of psilocybin to expand consciousness and heal trauma, particularly in combination with community. A desire to build a sustainable, spiritually based sacred mushroom community is what brought him back to the US to form Psanctuary with his wife Courtney.

Psanctuary is a non-dogmatic, non-hierarchical community centered around the sacramental use of psilocybin mushrooms. Utilizing the federal and state level RFRA, (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) Psanctuary is paving the way for community-led, community-supported, sacred mushroom experiences. Psanctuary offers a variety of services: affordable retreats, private sessions, in-person/online personal growth and cultivation workshops, integration sessions, minister ordinations, and more. Psanctuary’s goal is to empower every member to become their own healer.

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