Gary Hensel


Award Winning Author and Teacher of Wisdom

Gary is a teacher and author. His last stop in the corporate world was as a Director of Human Resources for Koszegi Industries a midsize international manufacturing corporation. He then spent 20 years in academia as a tenured Department Chair of Business, Management, and Marketing with McHenry College. Gary is presently writing and teaching about wisdom, new thought movements, and a growth mindset. He has published 4 books and has won awards for teaching and writing. Gary recently won an international award as the author of the year in London from the PowerHouse Global Charities group. He has also won awards for excellence in teaching at multiple academic institutions. Gary’s most recent books can be found on Amazon and on his website, “Notes To A Younger Me”, “IAM: Two Of The Most Powerful Words”, “ToughRoads”, and the soon to be released: “Lessons For A Spiritual Warrior”. He teaches Master Classes all over the world and posts the information for these on his website. Gary connects daily

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