Isabelle Blum


natureART | creative embodiment of nature and our natural being

Isabelle has worked for over 15 years as an educated environmental scientist in Switzerland and Nepal raising awareness on environmental issues. Her background includes soil science, waste management, organic farming, and gardening. Interested in self-improvement, health, and spirituality from an early age, Isabelle has been exploring all kinds of spiritual teachings and ancient knowledge. For several years she’s diving deeper into the Taoist Arts and was trained as an Immortal Arts teacher in Japan and China. Since childhood, she was also fascinated by words and images and their interplay. Isabelle now combines all her interests and works as a self-employed environmental consultant, creates art in the form of illustrations, videos, and photographs, and is on the way to offering online courses. Her intention is to bring people back to nature, their experience from within their bodies, and their own natural being.

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