Jim Gale


Chief Storyteller, Founder & CEO

At the age of 19 Jim first wrote his goals thanks to the urging of his wrestling coach. He wrote that he wanted to become a 3 time All-American National champion. 4 years later, he achieved 4 time All-American and National Champion status. He then traveled the world, backpacking 47 countries and while traveling, he studied and wrote his goals again. His goal was to retire within 3 years. Through a series of cooperative incidences, he started a mortgage company and grow to $1.3 Billion in sales. He then sold the company, bought a boat, and lived on the ocean for a year. Then, he found Costa Rica. While there, he had his first 2 daughters, Red Pilled, and learned Permaculture. Now, Jim is very passionate about spreading the solutions to ALL of the world’s biggest problems. These solutions have been proven all over the world using Permaculture techniques. Food Forest Abundance designs and installs permaculture food forests on properties across the earth.

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