Leah Pisaruck


Spiderweb’s Environmental Writing

Leah was born in Seattle, WA, and has always been an artist in love with the natural world. At age 19, she embarked on the Pacific Northwest Trail, a thru-hike that runs from Northwest Montana to the Washington coast. Shortly after her return home, she moved to Montana, as she completely fell in love with the Rocky Mountains and their forests, rivers, and skies. An avid backpacker, writer, painter, musician, and jewelry crafter, she is currently on her way to finishing a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Literature at the University of Montana. Leah writes essays, poetry, and various forms of copy with the intention of spreading positive ways of thinking that encourage social and environmental justice. Through her writing, she hopes to influence fellow human beings to comprehend the truth that all of humanity is interconnected with each other, as well as with the rest of the natural world.

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